Sarah's Pregnancy #Bonus Chapter

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"What do you mean by 'anything'? And why are you covering your nose?" he asked frowning.

"Yazan, lets go home. I am not liking the smell of all the food here. Its making me feel pukish." she replied and immediately Yazan was at her side, rubbing her back and touching her forehead.

"What happened darling? Did you eat pani puri again?" he asked sternly at the end, to which she smiled sheepishly.

"But I ate it yesterday" she said quickly before he could start scolding her unaffected by the crowd around them.

"Yeah. Whatever. Now you will have to drink the horrible medicine which ammi makes." he said holding her from her shoulders, and walked her out of the restaurant. Sarah groaned internally.

By the time they reached home, everybody was already asleep, since they took time in just driving around the streets upon Sarah's insistence and much to Yazan's annoyance since he wanted to take her to the doctor, which she sternly refused. And she couldn't be more happy, for she knew that her mother in law would have definitely made her drink the horrible medicine. They immediately went to sleep in each others arms after a few kisses. 

In the morning, Sarah's stomach churned in her sleep, and without any thinking she dashed inside the bathroom and emptied all the contents which were just milk and bread which Yazan had forced her to eat last night. It felt she was drained of all the energy and couldn't get up. But since Yazan was still asleep and she didnt wanted to bother him, mustering up all the courage, she stood on her wobbling legs and washed her face.

"Its again food poisoning. I will have to stop eating those delicious pani-puri." She muttered while brushing her teeth. Her heart felt sad at even the imagination of the delicious food going away from her.

As she made her way out of the bathroom, her steps halted in realisation and a gasp left her mouth. She wasnt sure, so she paced towards the bed and grabbed her phone from the bedside. Punching in the password, she tapped away on the app with shaky fingers.

10 days late.

And she fell back on the bed with a thud. Was it possible? Of course it was. Since the time she had decided that she was ready for motherhood, she had asked her Rabb everyday and in every salah to complete her life with their baby.

"Sarah, what happened? Is everything alright?" she heard his groggy voice from behind making her gulp. She wasnt sure yet, so taking a deep breath and with a small smile on her face, she turned around and replied,

"Yeah, fine. Get up now, or else you'll be late for office" he nodded and shifting closer to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist from the back and rested his chin on her shoulder, giving every inch of her body and soul, a warm feeling. Keeping her hand on his, she smiled and laid her head on his.

"You take a leave today. I'll ask the doctor to visit." he said making her nod. She needed to be sure of her doubts. They sat there for a few comfortable minutes, without speaking, hearing each other's breaths. After sometime, he dropped a long kiss on her shoulder and went inside the washroom, not before nodding to Sarah's request of not telling ammi about her health.

As soon as he left for office, she immediately slipped on her hijab and went to a medical store giving an excuse of buying some groceries to her mother in law.


As she waited for the line to appear on the device inside the bathroom, she felt as if her heart would explode in anticipation. She didnt knew what she was feeling right now. Happiness? Excitement? Scared?

The most awaited moment came, and the device fell from her hands, as she covered her face with her hands and started sobbing.

Yes. She was pregnant.

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