Chapter 9

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Chase's Pov:
I left Luke under the hypnosis along with the girls. I also got 4 more girls under my hypnosis. Their names were Tessa, Molly, Lana and Liv. It was amazing having 8 girls under my control. In the end, I decided Luke was going to move away and forget all of this ever happened, so he doesn't know any of us, or that any of this existed.

Now it was me, and 8 girls. Liv, Molly, Lana, Tessa, Holly, Roxy, Beth and Chloe. I loved each and every one of them, and their bodies. Chloe was still the most perfect one out of all of them, and I fucked her a lot too.

Right now, all the girls had a vibrator shoved in their pussies, a buttplug shoved in their ass', and they were all sucking a dildo each, or shared with another. Liv was doing this while tied to a chair, Beth tied ontop of her as they shared the double-sided dildo. The same went for Molly and Holly. Roxy and Tessa were both sitting next in front of each other on the bed, staring at each other as they did what I told them to. All 6 of them were also cumming as well.

Chloe on the other hand, she was wearing a tiny bra, which covered basically nothing, the same with her panties, and they were see-through. She was giving me a sexy pole dance, while I had Lana wearing an extremely small lingerie, which also covered basically nothing, and was also see-through. She was on her knees, deep-throating my dick, and was pumping a dildo in her pussy, with a vibrator dildo shoved in her ass.

I forced Chloe to shake her ass in the air as she danced, in which she obeyed. After she did that, I forced her to basically grind against the pole and rub her breasts agaisnt it until I tell her to stop. She rubbed her breasts against the pole, while grinding against it as well, just like I said to. While she did that, I forced Lana's mouth further in my dick, and forced her not to move her head. I released my cum into her mouth, forcing her to swallow, before she could keep moving her head.

"Suck your fingers like its my dick Chloe, and make sure it's sexy!" I order her.

"Yes Master~" She says sexily, and obeys my order.

She sticks 2 fingers into her mouth, and sucks on them like its my dick. While she did that, she continued to use her other hand to grind her breasts against the pole, along with grinding her pussy against it as well.

"Lana...Stop what you are doing and stand up." I order Lana and she obeys.

I take the dildo and vibrator dildo from her pussy and ass, and also got Chloe to stop what she was doing.

"I want both you girls to do an extremely sexy and naughty dance with each other. Make sure it's still a pole dance, and I expect you to he extremely wet and horny!" I order Lana and Chloe.

"Yes Master." The girls reply, before obeying my order.

While the 2 of them did that, I went over to Liv and Beth, and forced them to stop, as I untied them. I forced Beth onto the chair, and Liv was forced against the wall. I used some rope to tie Liv to the wall, and shoved a vibrator into her pussy. I forced her to cum over and over without stopping, before I gagged her mouth. I then did the same to Holly and Molly, making Molly give Beth a lap dance instead. Holly was forced to stand in her spot and finger herself hard. I untied Roxy and Tessa last, and forced Tessa to eat out Holly's pussy. I then did what I did to Liv to Roxy, before heading back over to Lana and Chloe.

I forced Chloe to tie Lana to the bed, and strip her. Once Chloe did that, I shoved a dildo into Lana's mouth, a vibrator dildo into her pussy, and a buttplug into her ass. I then turned all the Vibrators in max, and forced Lana to start cumming and not stop.

I then lifted Chloe into my arms and brought her into the bathroom. I ripped her tiny clothes off, and pushed her into the shower. I walked in there, and held Chloe against the shower wall. I rubbed my knee against her pussy, and forced her to moan at the touch. This also made her spread her legs out of the way so I could do so, which also helped me do what I was going to do next. I kneeled down, and blew into her pussy, forcing her to moan again. I then started to eat her out, in which image was forced to moan when I made contact with her skin.

Kyle's Pov:
Remember me? Well you should, I'm with Rick and Jay again, and we are at Chase's house. We actually had another member with us, his name is Mike. We crept in, and went in to his room. We were shocked at how many girls were in here, before we heard loud moaning and sucking from the bathroom. Rick went to check it out, and came back with a hypnotized Chase and Chloe.

We smirked.

Jay got all the girls in front of us, and also Chase. Jay also had dibs on Chloe, so he pulled Chloe into his chest, and told her he was her Master now. Jay also chose Lana, who he had dibs on before as well. Rick decided to take Tessa and Roxy, Mike took Holly and Molly, I took Beth and Liv. I actually called Leah to come over and her new age was Chase.

I can't wait to fuck and have some fun with my slaves.

I took Beth and Liv into another room, which I now claimed as mine. Leah took the room next to mine with Chase, Jay stayed in the room we were previously in with Chloe and Lana. Mike took Holly and Molly to the room next to Leah, while Ricky had taken Tessa and Roxy with him to the room inbthe other side of mine.

"Beth and Liv, you will call me Master and only me understand!" I say.

"Yes Master. We will only call you out Master." The girls reply at the same time.

I smirked. I stripped out of my clothes, and forced them girls into the bed. I fingered both their pussies, as they moaned like I ordered them too. They were running and squeezing their breasts as well. After a while I forced them onto their stomachs, and spanked their ass'. Their moans made me want to fuck them even more.

"Beth lay on the bed, Liv sit on her face." I ordered the girls.

"Yes Master." The girls reply.

Beth layed down on the bed, her stomach facing up. Liv then sat down with her pussy on Beth's mouth. I forced Beth to eat her out, while I pounded her pussy I forced Liv to play with her breasts as I made out with her.

After a while I forced Beth and Liv to both cum, while I also released my cum into Beth's pussy. I swapped the girls around, so Beth was doing what Liv was doing, and Liv was doing what Beth was doing. I pounded into Liv's pussy this time, while Liv had to eat out Beth's pussy, and Beth had to play with her breasts while making out with me.

Again after a while, I made both girls cum, as I released my cum inside Liv's pussy. After that, I forced them to clean up the mess, and to cuddle with me in bed. We all fell asleep together.

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