Sam and Ruddy (Part 2)

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The sea was silent. This time Sam made sure to look back and check on Ruddy to make sure he was keeping up. On the way to the shark's nest, they saw things. A sea turtle, a ray. Sam imagined what Wendy looked like. He imagined some girl with long purple hair and ripe breasts, fitting into a tight tank top with some cool punk band spread across her chest. He would lean over to read the name and ask her, "Are they coming for a concert anytime soon?" Yeah, he was missing out by not living in Miami.

The water suddenly became much deeper. Sam would dive down to see what he could find. Ruddy was a pretty good swimmer, but for some reason he didn't want to follow him down.

Sam felt a tap on his shoulder. He went up to the surface of the water.

"Did you see anything?"

"Nah, just sponges."

"That ray we saw was pretty cool."

"Just wait until we see the shark's nest."

They kept swimming and instinctively Sam knew that it was around that spot. Before there had been a branch sticking up. Now, he couldn't see anything. He looked back and tried to line up the spot using the tree house.

He tried imagining himself as an explorer looking for treasure.


There was a glittering in the dirt. Sam dove down and Ruddy followed. As they reached toward the glittering gold, Sam could see the bones of long-dead pirates.

Ruddy reached down and grabbed one of the gold coins. As the expert in old Spanish coins, Ruddy was always the first to examine the gold. But just as he was examining it, a bony hand reached up from the dirt and grabbed his hand.

Sam took out his knife and began hacking at the bones. How long would Ruddy be able to hold his breath? Thirty more seconds? A minute at most?

One second...two seconds...


Ruddy came up for air again. "Are you sure it's here?"

"Just keep your eyes open."

He found it. The branch was submerged underwater so he hadn't seen it. Instinct had helped him find it.

It began to drizzle a little. Sam found Ruddy not too far away.

"Hey, it's beginning to rain," Ruddy said.

"We should be alright as long as there isn't lightning. Come on. I found it."

He led Ruddy there. They kept their distance. A good ten or twelve yards away. They swam and watched.

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