Chapter 27

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Chapter 27



Three hours and I got this garden walking date with Noah. I was almost ready, not sure why I was ready three hours too early but I soon figured it would be much better to be ready now then be late. I checked my self, one more time for good measurements in the mirror and agree with my outfit. Since we are walking the garden I figured that heels wasn't an option, but I did want some height to my attire to I put on some heels that from last time I remembered were comfy. I wore rolled up navy blue ripped jeans with dark green off the shoulder shirt that just touched the hem of my pants. I mentally reminded myself to not lift my hands, otherwise my chubby tummy will fly out. I was bringing along a faux camel tan zip jumper in case it does get cold. I knew that the tan wouldn't look so nice with the dark green, so I'd just zip away the colour if it does look grim.

I made sure my makeup wasn't too much since I don't want him to think I was always a cake face. I made it match my outfit in a nice fashionable way. I kept my hair lightly curled and put behind my shoulders. I sigh into at myself in the mirror and grab my things.

I make my way to the lounge room to find some comfort and unwind before three. I didn't see Harry while walking here, which gave me extra comfort anyway. I wasn't too sure on how to bring that subject up with Harry when asked. He would ask either way, when I leave or when I come back. He will ask no matter what, I just know he will.

I lift my feet onto the lounge and lie my back down. I reach over to grab the remote from the coffee stand and press the on the button to watch the previously watched show pop up on the screen. The unknown show played on the screen, I gave it a few minutes to see if I was interested enough to watch it. I ditch the show and decide to find something more interesting.

As I scroll through, I hear footsteps come up from behind the lounge. The owner of the footsteps is quiet, but there was no need for a voice where it was obvious who it was. I see Harry from the corner of my eye at the end of the lounge. I hear a small scoff and he taps my feet so he would sit next to me.

I lift my legs off the lounge, allow him to sit where my feet were and then I place them back on his thighs. I feel small pressure on my calves' and the heat radiating off it. I look down in shock to notice he had a warm plate of poutine resting on my legs.

'Where are you off to?' Harry's poutine filled mouth mumbled. I sigh looking down at him. He was already looking up at me while he was chewing on his meal. It was astonishing to me how he can look so hot just by eating. The thin features of his face made chewing look like a sport rather than an activity of humanity.

'I'm just going out.' I thought the shorter my answers, the more boring the topic would be hence quicker it ends. I kept my eye contact with him while I spoke. I kept my eyes on his cheeks, how he shoves the food to one side of his mouth and chews so harshly against this cheek.

'Jacqueline?' he mumbles again taking another mouthful into his mouth. I thought about saying yes, but I knew I would have to continue to lie about it and it would go out of hand.

'No. Just going out.' I take my eyesight off him to the television which still didn't have a show or movie up on its screen that I liked.

'Alone?' when he asked it made me look back at him. He didn't take his fork to his mouth when it was filled with food. He kept it leant on his bowl, with widened eyes and furrowed brows. 'I don't want you going alone.'

It melted my heart that he was concerned about me, that he cared. I didn't want to tell him anything, not this early anyway but he was making it so hard for me. I don't think I trusted him like I should to tell him just yet.

I wasn't sure where we stood at a relationship stance and I was certain it was nothing but friends but after yesterday afternoon I wasn't sure anymore. But I was also too sceptical to even ask what we were, the conversation wouldn't be anything pretty, just a topic infused with confusion, doubt and worry.

'You're asking too many questions, Harry.' I chuckle slightly hoping to get his mind off the subject. I didn't want him to worry at all but I hated that I was making it come across as worry because I avoided everything in such a way he would worry.

'Sorry that I fucking care that you're safe...' his voice was low and shallow and it churned my stomach in such a horrible way. ' time I won't care.'

'Just a friend Harry, I promise.' I assure him. I look down to him to see him, eyesight down to his bowl and a mouthful of food. He doesn't reply just hums in annoyance as a response.

I immediately felt horrible but I had to work my way around it for this date. Is it even a date? I wasn't even sure anymore.

'Do you need an Uber?' he didn't look at me, just kept his head low and continued to eat. I understood his metaphor, meaning himself as a driver for me.

'No thanks, they said they're happy to pick me up from here.' I tell him. His head still low.

'Not the apartment, right?' he shoves food into his mouth as I watch his jaw and cheekbone become rough slightly. 'Because you never asked if I was happy with my address out there.' he mumbles.

It almost angered me how he can tell women after women the apartments building address and number but I had to ask. In a way, it was his apartment but, wasn't I sharing fifty percent of it now? My apartment too.

'No, I would ask don't worry. We would meet in the lobby.'

'Need an escort?'

I laugh slightly. 'I'll be okay Harry, don't worry.'

'Sorry...' he mocks me. He was annoyed that he knew nothing about my plans for today and I was ready to answer more tonight. 'Just making sure you end off with the right person, not some other guy.'

'Trust me.'

'I do, I'm just saying'.

'I know, Harry.' I lean up to lightly press a kiss to his cheek. I wanted to reassure him and that was the only possible way I could soften him up a little to calm him down.

He turns his head towards me and smiles without his teeth, his mouth was full of food and he was cute struggling to smile without food spillage. I stood up before him and pointed at the bowl of poutine. I figured I may as well eat something before I leave so I don't look like a cow when we do eat.

He struggles to speak again but managers. 'Bench.' He mumbles out and chuckles after. I walk over to the bench laughing along with him.

'Don't choke.' I grab the bowl of poutine he had made for me on the bench and I begin eating from it with a fork. This was amazing, he was good at cooking when he did.


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