chapter 3 PG is way to protective

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my pov

"hey finn"i said as he walked through the door looking refreshed "hey whats up dude" he said "ah it doesn't make you uncomfortable anymore" "nope not at all" we walked over to gumball and marshall talking about someone and we didn't know who "shut up gumball you love her not me"marshall yelled "no i don't marshall clam down" "who the fluff are you guys talking about"finn asked "no one" they repiled "my friends are annoying me"everyone just looked at me when i was looking at my phone "how so"pg asked "they won't stop asking me why i did cheer if i couldn't hang out with them" "wait you were a cheerleader?"finn asked "well how do you think i was so exprinced during the fight with the ice queen" "show us a cheer then"marshall said "i can barely remember i don't think i can show you guys one" he looked at me then laughed "how about i show you guys a flip that i was able to do that every one else couldn't do" "ok show us right here right now" "well first things first marshall can you take me to the roof?" "happy too" he took me to the roof "well here i go!"marshall went down to the ground  with PG and finn i did the flip landing perfectly "see don't doubt me i can do great things" pg hugged me tightly and didn't let go "umm dude what the heck why are you hugging me?" "cause i though you were going to die"i looked at finn then at marshall" i'm alive see" i pushed him away "but still you were on my highest tower"  "i'm a trained professional dude" he smiled "but still i'm not ready to see anyone die on my watch" "how about we go to the beach"marshall said "marshall we can't go"i said he looked at me"what why" "it's a secret and i'm wondering why you know mckenna"i can't keep this up anymore "beacause i know everything about people instantly"he looked at me then smiled "ok i believe you"i sighed "lets go to the beach now"marshall said again "let us get ready marshy"i laughed "don't call me marshy" i was texting my friend zoey that i was going to the beach with finn she called me though"hey zoey...i wasn't i won't!"i hung up on her "who was that" "my friend zoey i sent her a text about me being here and she called my and said to put you guys in the phone i told her no though" we all walked to the treehouse finn got his bathing suit on and i got my one peice on "ready to go now guys"i asked i could see what looked like marhsall and pg were going to faint "uh guys are you ok" i looked at myself then went back inside putting my jeans and shirt over my bathing suit "lets go"i grabbed all of there arms and pulled them to the beach "this is going to get old real fast" they finally snapped out of it "how'd we get here"prince asked disorinted "i dragged you all"i glared at them "finn are you ok?"prince asked him "n-no i-i'm n-not"he studdered" "whats wrong" "it's a secret"i said laughing nervously "finn i can help you get over your fear just let me"i whispered in a calm voice "o-ok i will" we walked out into the water i was holding his hand for support "want to go deeper?"i asked "yeah lets do it" we walked out farther he jumped in after i did we popped up at the same time "how was that finn"i asked swimming back to him "awsome i got over my fear"we laughed and swam for hours i got out and looked for quartz because i have a big collection at home "what are you doing"gumball asked "looking for crystals i need'em to make a new sword" "can i help" "yeah sure can you look over there" "it'd be my pleasure"he went and looked finding 3 quartz crystals "glob thanks pg"he handed me the crystals "your welcome oh and can you meet me in the castle gardens later"he said with a blush spread across his face "i uh well ok i will" 'i knew it he does like me' i thought he left to get ready i just got on my jeans and my shirt not forgetting to brush out my hair putting it in a pony tail and just in case i put my sword in my pocket "where are you going"i heard someone say i turned around to see the ghost of jake i was shocked "t-to PG's place for something he wanted" i walked out eyes widened "you know that finn really likes you" "yeah i know i helped him conquer his fear also" "haha he wouldn't let me help"ghost jake left i kept walking untill i hit the wall of the candy kingdom "mckenna what are you doing on the ground"PG said "i was day dreaming untill i hit the wall"i said getting back up with PG's help "hahaha i asked lord momcromicorn to take us on a ride to marshmelowy meadows" he said pulling me on locro "thats sounds wonderful"he smiled and put his arm around mei blushed and rested my head on his shoulder "theres something i got to ask you" we said at the same time "you first" "ok well i was wondering if you like like me" i smiled "of course i do gumball and i want to know is this a date" "yeah hey my gumball ball is coming up you want to come with me" "yeah i will" we got to the meadow locro left too so me and PG laid down talking about the ice queen "dude she is a total pervert" "great minds think alike then"i chuckled a bit finn came running  to me in the middle of my date with gumball"mckenna ice queen took water prince" "glob really that lady needs to stop prederating on dudes" gumball came along "i can't believe your coming prince" "anything for you"finn looked at and didn't talk next thing i see finn do is either scratching his head or wiping away his own tears"i'm going to talk to finn"i whispered to gumball i caught up with finn "hey dude you ok?" "i'm just fine"he said in an angry tone "finn tell me whats wrong"i said pulling out my sword and he did the same "i'm fine"

PG's pov (he has short pov cause said so)

 "i'm fine"finn said getting closer to mckenna with his sword unseathed "finn tell me now!"mckenna yelled "i'm fine"finn yelled even louder while throwing his sword at her "dude don't throw that at me!" "get out of my way next time"she walked back to me "i think he does love me alot gumball"she said "i have a feeling he won't let you in the treehouse tonight if you want you can stay with me" "that'd be great thanks gumball"

my pov

we got to the castle again "why hello miss mckenna" "hi peppermint maid" she nudge me "i take it the date went well" i looked at her and shook my head "not really finn came and we had to go save water prince after we saved him finn made a sence and i found out that he loves me but i love gumball" he blushed for the 19th time today "yep and i love her" "so i take you are going to the ball as boyfriend and girlfriend" i smiled "exaclty PM"i said with a laugh

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