9. Liar Liar

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"Melly" I said shaking his leg

This nigga was sleep while I was going through a crisis and shit.

"Hm" He said cuddled up with one of the throw pillows
"Come on man the plane just landed and I need you do me a favor" I told him and he waved me off

I shook my head, then look beside me at my princess.

"Go wake uncle Melly up" I whispered and she smiled and ran to the other side of the plane to where he was
"Meddy" She called out climbing on him
"Get up" She yelled pulling on his beard
"ALRIGHT IM UP" He yelled sitting up

"Bruh but why you need me to take her to Nicki" He asked as I carried Mars to the car
"Bruh are you listening" I asked him as he rubbed the crust out his eyes
"The bitch from Costa Rica texting me talking bout she pregnant, and Nic asking me for commitment" I told him
"Damn bruh"
"So how you gon do this shit" He asked me
"You're going to take Mars to Nicki and tell her I had something important to do and the plane ride was late as hell thats why I sent you to take her and tell her I broke my phone" He nodded his head then paused
"But the plane ride wasn't late" He said and I face palmed myself
"Take her to get something to eat or chuckee cheese or the playground or drive around the block 80 times make it so that you're late" I told him and he nodded
"Rd rd calm down but what you gon do about the Costa Rica shawty"
"Ima just talk to her and send her the money for an abortion" I shrugged


I called Meek about 20 times and there was no answer. He's 2 hours late and I was getting ready to call the airlines to ask had the plane landed. I was looking for my phone but once I found it I heard somebody ringing the bell at the gate. I looked at the camera and saw it was Omelly so I buzzed him.

I slid on my Chanel slides and walked downstairs and stood outside as he pulled up. Omelly got out the car and then walked around back to get Mink. I scratched my head because I was wondering where Meek was but I was a little bit relieved because I was scared to see him after Candi texted him off my phone.

I was pulled from my thoughts when Omelly walked onto my porch with Mink in his arms.

"Hey Melly" I said giving him a hug then reach to take Mink
"Hey Nic, Meek had something he couldn't be late for and the plane ride was late so he told me take Mink home" He said and I nodded
"Oh that must be why he hasn't texted me back"
"No actually his phone broke when we were getting on the plane" He said and I nodded
"Oh well thank you for bringing me my baby" I said smiling at Mink
"No problem" He said
"Mama I went to chuckee cheese" Mink said excitedly
"Her and Meek went before we got on the plane" He said and I nodded
"Oh okay"
"Well thanks again and tell Meek when he get his phone fixed we need to talk"



"I don't know Candi something wasn't seeming right" I said as soon as she answered the facetime call
"What you mean" She asked
"Hold up let me turn on fall thru for Mink"
"She still gotta listen to that song to go to sleep" She laughed
"Yessssss but ever since Meek been home they been on the phone while she fall asleep"
"Aww but why he not on the phone with her tonight" She asked me and I gave her the 'bitchhhhh' face
"Melly claims he broke his phone" I said putting air quotes around broke
"Bitch why you acting like he can't break his phone" she laughed
"It's just that Omelly said he broke his phone before they got on the plane but the plane ride was scheduled to take off at 5:35 the message was sent at 6:05 and read at 6:07" I said and she sipped her imaginary tea
"Something fishy going on" She said
"Yep and it ain't cause Remy Ma's legs is opened and since the story wasn't adding up I called the airlines and the plane landed at the right time Meek and Omelly just lied"
"Welp bitch you gon confront him" She asked me
"Not yet, I'ma play his lil game" I said


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