Chapter 20: Elisa

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I couldn't contain the smile on my face. I was now part of the Freedom Party.

Before leaving, Mr. Andrew broke it down for me.

There would be an official dinner to accept us into the party. According to him, my brother had already accepted. By joining the party, we would be placed on a secret register for future purposes. By default, our parents and remaining family members would be placed on the registry and be under its protection once they were found.

From here on out, I was no longer required to participate in 'slave' duties, unless I chose to help in the cleaning and the cooking. Before the eyes of the elite, I had to behave as a slave to minimize suspicion.

I could call him Drew or Andrew, and only needed to refer to him as Mr. Andrew in front of anyone that wasn't part of the house, Mr. Baker, or Mr. Elias.

The acceptance dinner would be in a week, and everything would be official then.


I thanked him for the opportunity and stood.

Everything would be better and the hope of finding my parents was broadening. I left his office, suddenly seeing a dark figure out of the corner of my eye.

I snapped my head towards the other end of the hallway. Whatever it was, it had darted away. I stood there for a few more seconds, waiting to see if it happened to reappear.

When nothing made its presence known, I returned to the kitchen.

Emilia had finished peeling the potatoes, and was now throwing them into a pot.

Lunch was almost done, when suddenly, there was a scream.

All eyes turned towards the kitchen window.

In the distance, running from the barn was Becky.

Guadalupe called out to Andrew to hurry over. Felicia was the first to dash out of the kitchen door towards Becky.

I watched the scene unfold. Felicia got to her and gripped her arms. Becky looked visibly upset, with her hair slightly disheveled and the bottom of her dressed muddied.

Felicia took her under her arm, beginning to walk her back to the house. Guadalupe got to them and was asked to bring Becky a glass of water.

Andrew finally hurried out and helped bring Becky in.

She was crying and demanding that heads roll.

"He attacked me!" she cried.

"Who attacked you?" Andrew asked, as they led her into the living room.

"That damn stable boy you keep out there. I was simply walking past the stable and he jumped out and wrestled me to the ground. God only knows what that heathen was going to do to me. I managed to get away. Andrew, you must punish him. He attacked me."

Worry lines were creased on Andrew's face.

He glanced up at me, and stood tall.

"Elisa, discreetly go to the barn and retrieve the whip. I shall meet you there shortly."

A lump formed in my throat hearing that. He couldn't possibly believe her. There was no way that the stable boy had attacked her. He was the sweetest little thing ever.

"Yes, Mr. Jones." I said.

Felicia continued to comfort Becky and neatly arrange the loose hairs on her head. The way to the barn was so short, and reminded me of when that son-of-a-bitch Davis had branded me.

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