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     "We lost one of our very own last night. Murdered. No witnesses, no crime scene." Tall boy took a deep breath before glancing around at all the Southsiders that stood before him. "Mona, was one of a kind. She loved her life, her family, the Serpents. And all of a sudden it was all taken from her."

     He found it difficult to hold himself together at the time. Mona Myers was a loyal and intimidating member of the Serpents, who lost her life unexpectedly at the hands of who knows.

     Meanwhile, Mona's daughter was sitting at her Northside home with her fists balled and wrapped around her knees that were pulled into her chest. Her eyes were frozen on the wall in front of her, empty with emotion but full of salty tears that slid down her lightly freckled cheeks. It all had happened so suddenly. An entire mother ripped from her daughter's reality. A small knock barked against the door before it slid open and a familiar head popped in.

     "Maxine.." Her father spoke gently.

     Max refused to say anything. She was hurting deeply. But more than anything she was angry; angry that her father had only allowed her to see her own mother a handful of times in the past few months. All because Mona had been a Southside Serpent, and Max's father could no longer stand even the thought of the gang. His selfishness had taken away the precious time that Max could have used to spend with her mother, but no. It was always about how he felt.

     "Don't." She finally spoke. Her voice was dark and shaky, but definitely not a tone that her father had ever heard before.

     He stepped into her room anyway and sighed, taking a seat next to his daughter on her queen bed. Glancing over at her trembling build, he noticed the dry blood crusting around the right corner of her bottom lip. His eyebrows furrowed and a hand instinctively reached up to inspect, but Max jerked her head away.

     "Max, stop. You're bleeding?" He attempted to validate.

     The girl shot up from her bed and turned to him, wiping away the snot with the back of her hand. "Yeah. I bite my lip when I'm upset; maybe you'd know that if you actually paid attention to someone other than yourself."

     Jackson noticed the sudden personality change within his daughter and was deeply taken back by it. "Maxine Myers! Do NOT speak to me in that tone!"

     "You took my mother from me before her murderer did. And I will never forgive you for that." Max spat back at her father. As far as she was concerned, he had done the unthinkable. Sure he didn't kill her mother, but he managed to keep the two apart for months and months on end. Max had asked her father over and over to let her go visit her in the trailer park, even using her friend Jughead as protection. But nothing worked. And because of him, Max hadn't been able to tell her Mom she loved her or hug her, or any physical connective act before Mona's life was ripped away.

     Jackson wanted to fight back but he really didn't have the energy to. He let out a long sigh and dropped his head into his hands. Rubbing his eyes he found that he wasn't prepared for what was to come next.

     "I want to go to Southside. I want ... I want to see what it was like to be her. To be apart of something, have friends who aren't worried about what next school dance is coming up or if they're going to make the cheerleading squad. I don't want to be at Riverdale anymo-"

     "ARE YOU INSANE!? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Dammit Maxine! I've told you time and time again that the Serpents are nothing but trouble! And now you want to switch schools for a change of freaking scenery?" He let out another long sigh, "You've officially lost your mind."

     "Mom was apart of me! Okay!? I'm already a Serpent. She was one, so I'm one too. Just like Jughead. A-And he just transferred to Southside so I'd be fine dad! He wouldn't -"

     "I DON'T CARE. You're being irrational right now Maxine!"

     The door slid open some more and in walked Loraine, Maxine's grandmother and Jackson's mom. She stood with her arms crossed and a scowl present on her face.

     "JACKSON." She bellowed. Both father and daughter quietened down immediately.

     Loraine glanced between the two before turning to Max. "Give me one good, and I mean unbelievably good, reason that you should transfer to Southside High."

     She stared her granddaughter down, watching her eyes dance around the room as she remained in deep thought. Finally, Max turned to her grandmother and sniffled.

     "Well, honestly? Because everyone already knows about mom being a Serpent. That's all they'd ever whisper behind my back and I'm so, so tired of it." She began to slowly fall apart once more as the tears slid down her cheeks again.

     Max had kept the issue a secret to make her dad happy, but now it was all too much to handle. She knew that if another whisper was heard upon her return to Riverdale High, Max would lose her shit and start throwing punches at any one who dared to mumble her name under their breath. No one from that prep school would trash talk her or her mother again.

     "Wh- I don't understand? Max why didn't you tell us before? You know I could have handled it." Jackson tried to defend his lack of parenting.

     Max just shook her head, "That's the thing dad. You always baby me... I can't stand it. I have these urges to fight back, like lash out and start punching the crap out of them. But I can't because you've done everything you can to suppress my other side, my wild side."

     Before Max could say another word, her grandmother interrupted. "Well. There you have it Jackson. You'll enroll her into Southside High the next week. We better get to filling out all that paperwork." She reached down to pull her son out of the room while he began arguing with her.

     Loraine knew Maxine needed to be set free a bit, and this was the perfect way to start.

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