Before You Read, Please 🍒

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This book is finished but I just felt the need to point out a few things.

Thank you, firstly for clicking on the book and deciding to read it.

Second, I decided to add this in even though the book has been completed for more than two years because recently a lot of comments have been about how some scenes are exactly like Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles.

I know of the book and I know it's super popular and has been published and Netflix even released a movie last month. However, I would like to state that I have personally not read the book. And therefore, any similarities is purely coincidental.

Please do not suggest or insinuate that I have copied the author when I have not read the book and haven't even watched the movie.

Thank you very much and I sincerely hope you do enjoy this book. This is the first draft and therefore I still have a long way to go before I consider this book a final version.

Love you heaps,
Losalini ❤❤

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