When three idiots, a ghost, and a cat got interviewed

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Sponsored by the one and holy Jesus Cat.

😈Sally: Hello, everyone! Welcome to this very special interview chapter of "Three Idiots and a Ghost". We have every one of our main characters here with us tonight, including Rags! Our sponsor, the one and holy Jesus Cat, has very kindly allowed Rags to use his Skype account to chat with us from the great beyond. Rags, are you there?

👻Rags: Yeah, I can hear everything crystal clear. Who would've thought the great beyond has some awesome wi-fi?

🦄Coops: Rags! We totally missed you, man!

🐵Arch: The apartment just isn't the same without you.

🐔Sky: Hope you've been well.

😈Sally: Yeah, a lot of people have been wondering how you've been doing since your departure.

👻Rags: I've just been enjoying the great beyond. Sadness and pain don't exist here, so you can well imagine how happy I've been. I still do miss everyone back in the living world. I often look down to see how you all are doing.

🐵Arch: So, you have been watching over us?

👻Rags: Of course, Arch.

😈Sally: Okay, while the four friends do some quick catching up, I'll have to let you readers know about the other thing Jesus Cat kindly helped out with. He has momentarily blessed Mr. Sprinkles so he can talk to us for the interview. But there is a catch. As Jesus Cat is very much aware of Mr. Sprinkles's colorful vocabulary, he has made it so everything mean Mr. Sprinkles wants to say will come out as something nice. Coops is the only person who hasn't been notified of this addition for obvious reasons.

🦁Mr. Sprinkles: I respect you, Jesus Cat! You will be loved greatly for what you did to me. I wish to hug everyone on this planet and give them nothing but well wishes! Ah! Fudge ice cream!

🦄Coops: Aw, Mr. Sprinkles! You're like just as fluffy and sweet as I imagined!

🦁Mr. Sprinkles: You beautiful man! Please keep petting me!

🦄Coops: Don't mind if I do, little buddy.

🦁Mr. Sprinkles: Deep breath, Mr. Sprinkles. Deep breath...

😈Sally: Alright, if you five are all settled now, we can begin this interview. This first question comes from quite a lot of people, and it is for Rags. CheshireViper, astonixing, rebruising, denyasmin, RoyalRebellion101, and jiminiums have all asked who your favorite roommate was. And if you had to choose, which one would you have dated?

🐵Arch: I'm obviously the best roommate. Aren't I, Rags?

👻Rags: Actually, Arch... You know what? I can't pick a favorite. I love all of you guys. But I think if I had to recommend a roommate to someone else, I'd go with Sky just because he's the most organized.

🐵Arch: Hey—

😈Sally: And what about someone to date? Sky as well?

👻Rags: Um, I guess I don't have any other choice. Sky is the only single one here.

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