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I interviewed Phoebe, aka phoebegardens, who is an absolutely lovely person and an amazing author. If you haven't already read Have A Little Hope then you should!

How did you find out about wattpad?

Unfortunately, I found out about wattpad because I was plagiarised with one of my earlier novels so found this site when someone told me someone else had stolen my story and posted it here. I made an account but didn’t start using it for a while. 

What made you start uploading?

Well, I’ve been uploading stories online since I was 16 on two other sites, so it’s not new to me at all. I wrote several novels on another writing site, so I am an old timer in that respect :P I started uploading originally because I thought it would be fun to receive the feedback on stories and thought I could write stories people would enjoy, because that’s why I write. I write stories that I want to read because they’re not out there yet. 

Where did you get inspiration for your story Have A Little Hope?

It’s rather random, actually. This never usually happens to me! I was watching TV (kids TV but whatever :P) and this programme came on called My Life and something, so I watched it and it was about a boy undergoing  a kidney transplant and I thought about how it must be when you receive such a gift and don’t know the person beforehand. The boy got a kidney from his dad, but then I tweaked my ideas and alas, HALH was born :) I put Hope in the context of having to lose her dad and organ donations as it’s not something I’ve ever read before.  

Were you expecting HALH to be as popular as it is?

It depends what you consider as popular. I am delighted with the feedback I am being given and it’s really heart-warming to receive that, but I wouldn’t say HALH is as popular by any means as a lot of other novels on here, but it’s ‘success’ to me is lovely. 

What was your reaction?

I just get very smiley when I receive comments and see HALH doing well in my opinion, so that’s just lovely :) 

Do you have a favourite story or author on wattpad?

I have loooooads, but I’m going to list the undiscovered stories I read on here because they deserve more credit! And I’m going to list them to provide your darling readers of this new stuff.

Blushes Scarlett = Hey There Isla. She’s amazing in so many ways. She writes from the heart and you go on a complete rollercoaster with her stories that you’re cheering for the couple the whole way through. Definitely check her out. 

Marriah Justine = Keep Holding On. It’s finished, but honestly, this story was my DRUG it was that good. I adored it completely and I begged her for updates, it was so good and a sequel is due soon! 

Maddie Grey = Problems in Paradise. It’s a wonderful summer read and who doesn’t love a good summer romance, but there’s potentially three oohh la laaaa!

Simply Enchanted = Amazing new novel The Boys You Do. It completely challenges your views on promiscuity and love. Her novels are publishable worthy.

RileyLove = Destined To Be With You. This novel mixes reality with romance and heartwrenching flashbacks which make you want the couple to get together so badly. She writes about love so earnestly and well.  

ThisGirlWrites = Brining Back Hallie is superb. I have read Chelsea’s work for YEARS and she never fails to deliver the perfect amount of romance, reality and relationships. She’s faultless. 

There’s also the wonderful popular authors who are popular for a reason, such as AubreyEatsHearts (she’s not only a fantastic writer, but an amazing girl), princessharley, DazedAndConfused, makeandoffer , Reekles, etc. They’re all fantastic writers. 

What do you think is the best thing about wattpad?

Lots of things! I LOVE the IMing bar, I am an addict on that thing :P I love the community of wattpad I’ve been fortunate enough to fit in with, I love the layout of the sites, I love the stories I discover, I love the newsfeed. It’s just plain awesome. 

Do you plan on making a career out of writing?

No no. I would love to have something of mine published, who wouldn’t, but my career path has nothing to do with writing. 

I love the character Hope and her relationship with Cole, is there anything about your characters that you can relate to?

Awwww that makes me so smiley you like Hope and Cole’s relationship. Hmm. I relate to Hope a lot. I think all of my characters have parts of me in them so it’s always rather personal when writing them and when they get things aimed at them I get all protective of them. I am like Hope in the sense that we’re both very stubborn, we both are strong willed and don’t like being told what to do. Basically all her negative qualities I possess :P However, I think Hope’s realistic way of looking at things I relate to. Cole is my opposite, he’s so optimistic compared to Hope. 

Do you have a favourite character from? If so, why?

A favourite character from HALH? Cole, just because he’s a babe :P Honestly though, he’s really inspiring to me as sad as that sounds. He’s such a nice guy and he really wants to reach out to Hope and he puts Hope’s happiness above his own. Anyone who does that is wonderful.

Do you have any up and coming stories that we should keep an eye out for?

Hahaha, you’ll be lucky :P I stopped writing for a year after I was plagiarised on another writing site and you have no idea how long and how hard it was for me to post HALH. I wrote HALH in basically a month, but delayed posting it for ages. Honestly, uploading it was really hard for me. At the moment, I don’t have any new upcoming stories. I need some inspiration to hit me and then maybe I will, but if you’re lucky, I may post older novels, so we’ll see :) 

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Just that you are all such brilliant people. It means so much to me that you like my writing enough to read, comment and vote. It makes my day, it truly does and unless you’re a writer, you won’t ever realise how much your feedback means to me, so I completely adore you all, thanks so much beauties!!!!  :)

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