The Chase

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A little more than 20 years ago hybrids gained equality

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A little more than 20 years ago hybrids gained equality. They were no longer pets, sex slaves, or property to name a few. They were able to roam the streets without collars, without owners, they were able to buy their own houses, work, go to school, etc. There was still an animosity among humans and hybrids, hybrids having their own hospitals, schools, markets, etc.  However, most of the hate hybrids received came from none other then , hybrids. The different groups of hybrids not being able to coexist without some sort of issues among the breeds. Cats,Dogs,Rodents, and even the more exotic of species like bigs cats and reptiles had bones to pick with one another.  

This can be seen everywhere in the hybrid community, hybrids of each breed and sub group sticking to their own kind. Cats with cats, dogs with dogs, rodents with rodents. However, in recent years, hybrids have been forced to mesh together, especially in schools. Overtime, the hate among breeds has calmed but it was still there. It never really left.


"Dorm C, room 214....Dorm C, room 214, Dorm C , room 214, .....Room 214 Dor-" your rambling cut short as you found the room in question. Dorm C, room 214, that'd be the room you'd be sharing with your roommate. You were a college freshmen, your roommate a sophomore. You didn't really care who they were, college was just starting and you lost the card they gave you telling you, your roommate's basic information. Such as name, breed,gender, age, major etc. Surprises are the best after all? 

You took a deep breath, preparing yourself to knock on the door. After a few minutes of just standing in front of the door, you finally knocked. You knock once , nothing. You knock twice, nothing. Fist mid-air, you were about to knock a third time when the door swung open.  Standing in the door frame, stood a tall, lanky man dressed in a white long sleeve, brown loose pants dragging on the floor, a pair of metal rimmed glasses perched on the man's nose, his umber skin glowing, his lips thin yet full, his jaw structured yet defined, his eyes the darkest of browns, his hair a flamboyant blonde. Tuffs of blonde hair  standing up in all directions as if he had been laying down. Small round ears perched atop his head.

You did a double take. Your eyed zooming in on the round ears atop his head.  "Y-You're a rodent?!" you gasped, half in utter disbelief and half out of disappointment.

"That a problem?" He asked, eyes narrowed a bit, one his blonde ears twitching in annoyance, his jaw slacked.  His tone somber and defensive.

You flicked your tail behind your back, not liking his defensiveness. "No, I'm your new roommate y/n." You awkwardly introduced yourself.  You stood in the empty hall, you stared up the rodent hybrid whom towered over you. 

"I'm aware ." He grunted, stepping aside so you could enter the dorm. Giving a nod of thanks you dragged your luggage inside. 

"Uum, what's your name?" You asked.

"Don't you read the information the office gives you?" he asked out of annoyance, his small ears twitching again.

You really didn't like this rodent's standoffish attitude. "I've got better things to do than read every little paper the office sends me." You hissed.

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