We Are Not In A 60's Chick Flick Movie!

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Enjoy- S.W

Lily's Pov

Every day was the same for Lily Reed; first she'd get up at six and get ready for dancing, pack her school bag and take a clean pair of clothes with her so she doesn't stink for the rest of the day. She would go down stairs get a banana and a protein shake and was out the door by half six. Mia Scott, her best friend, would be outside waiting for her.

Mia was very pretty; she had blond hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes. Mia had always thought that she was too pale but it matched her hair and her eyes. Lily on the other hand was the opposite of Mia; Lily had dark brown hair, tanned skin and brown eyes.

"Hey what's up " I asked my best friend

"Oh nothing just mad at fricking coach for making us get up at the crack of dawn who does she think she is" Mia said starting to drive off.

Mia loved her sleep and it was a miracle to see her up before nine, even that was pushing it. Everyone in her family loved their sleep, so you know not to bother them before noon on a weekend.

"Come on, cheer up, it's not that bad at least it's only a couple of more weeks till we are off for half term, then we don't have practice." I said but Mia was having none of it, she took a sip of her coffee and before I knew it we were at the studio. Right lets do this.

After practice I took a quick shower as we had school in an hour. Luckily Mia brought her hair dryers, because as usual I forgot mine, so once again she is a lifesaver.

"Was my extension off cause coach always picks up on it" Mia said reaching into her bag obviously looking for her top.

"No, it was fine. Coach just gives us a hard time because we are leaving soon," I said putting on my mascara.

"Well, it's easy for you to say, you're dancing is always perfect." She said putting on her top and pulling her hair up into her signature ponytail.

"Hey, don't say that. You're dancing is just as good as mine is, okay? And will you hurry up, I don't want to be late to Math's again, Mr. Hood will skin me alive." I said

" All right all right, I'm done, lets go," she said walking out of the changing rooms to the car.

I finished putting my stuff away then followed her out to the car to see her chatting up some boy, typical I was just behind her how dose this work. As I walk over and get a good look at the guy only to realise it's one of the school's bad boys. Riley Green to be exact, he was a player and every girl has ether had him or wants him. I mean I get it with that blond hair and the blue eyes, what's not to like? Well the thing is, he is really cocky and has probably slept with everyone in this town. Well maybe I'm exaggerating a little but you get my point.

"Right, can we get to school today? I don't want another detention," I said really loudly so Mia could hear me.

"Yeah ... sorry I'll talk to you later Riley" she says and gets in the car.

"I plan to" he says with his signature wink and a smirk.

We start to drive it was silent to silent. Why was she talking to him he's Riley Green for heavens sake? I looked over at my best friend, she must have brain damage she knows what I went through with Daniel and I know for a fact that Riley is probably the same. I can't take it any more so as we pull up at school and ask:

"What the hell are you doing talking to Riley Green?" I say slamming the car door, Mia's cheeks went bright red and that never happens. "MIA what is going on? You're my best friend you have to tell me!"

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