Part 3

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The Avengers tease Loki over his sulking and he decides to stalk the redhead once again. They meet at the park. How will she react when he reveals his identity?


It had been weeks again since she's last seen the mysterious man. She was angry, but for what reason, she couldn't tell. She wouldn't admit it but she considered the possibility that maybe, just maybe, she was angry because someone was trying to get to know her, to get her to talk about herself. To get to her. She wasn't sure she wanted to keep someone so close and to allow them to crawl under her skin.

Sighing loudly, she tossed the scarf aside, deciding it was way too hot outside to use it and made her way to the door, going out before locking it and putting the key in her secret spot.

//To Loki

The Trickster was sitting on the couch at Stark tower, looking blankly at the TV screen (although it wasn't even on), ignoring his brother and Tony who were drinking scotch in the same room, laughing loudly and shouting at each other. Ugh, how he hated it when men acted like pigs. It usually bothered him even more and normally, he would have at least made their glasses blow up, but not today.

He was entirely focused on something else. And that happened to be Alana, the girl he had met on the streets of New York and somehow managed to upset with his curiosity. Was he feeling guilty? Not exactly. He was just feeling bad that he angered her. That was not guilt. He didn't feel guilty. Nope.

With a low grunt, he closed his eyes and started rubbing his temples, trying to push the questions away. What was he going to do? Look for her again? He was pretty sure that he could track her again, even with his limited magic, but would she want to talk to him? Or just ignore him and maybe leave like she did last time. And this time he truly meant no harm! He simply wanted to know if her loss of sight was the result of his actions two years ago, when he wanted to take over Midgard.

A sad smile graced his features when a question popped into his mind. What if it was actually his fault? His powers were limited. He was pretty sure he couldn't do anything about it. But again...why did he even care? He was the Trickster, God of Mischief, Lies and all those bad things and yet here he was wondering if he'd feel guilty...

He jumped a bit when the couch went down around him, signaling that both men decided to sit with him. He growled in annoyance a bit but tried to contain himself, knowing that it would do no good if he fought with his brother and the billionaire.

"What's wrong, Reindeer Games? Love problems?" Tony asked, casually putting an arm around Loki's shoulders. He only growled louder.

"Brother dear, are you alright?" his oaf of a brother asked, looking at him with drunken concern.

"I am fine. Leave me alone." he grunted as he got up, looking out the window at the city he once tried to conquer.

"Ohhhhh, so it's girlfriend probleeeemsssss ~ " The Iron Man cooed, a stupid smirk playing on his face.

"No. And it's none of your business." he muttered before leaving the room and going on the streets to try and maybe find the redhead again.

"I think he's gay." concluded Stark as they watched the man leave.


Suddenly, the rest of the Avengers gathered in the room, all asking the same thing. "Is he gay?"

//Back to Alana.

Sitting on a bench in the small park close to her apartment, she sighed, almost happily as she listened to the small kids playing behind her. Facing the lake, the ones that didn't know about her blindness could have considered that she was simply admiring it, and the ones that knew let her be, since most of them knew about the little game. Occasionally, a friend or one of the nice old ladies would join her, playing said game with her.

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