The garden was lush in a rainbow of greens and blues and corals and yellows and purples and oranges, vibrant even in the cold with the help and protection of specialists. Sophie didn't visit often, as she was usually too busy with her duties, but every time she went was a treat, and she always felt that there were few things so beautiful even in the cold. The garden was located behind the palace close to the woods so different types of plants could grow in the same place regardless of amount of shade needed, so in all honesty, it was usually without people, so Fitz and Sophie were completely alone.

It wasn't hard to find Iggy, he was screeching and flying around overtop the plants, mouth outstretched eagerly, little winged bugs only inches away from his jaws. Sophie giggled at the sight and as Fitz asked, "Okay... so what now?"

"I'll get him, don't worry."

"How? He's quite fast," Fitz pointed as the little imp zipped past.

"You'll see," she smiled, and closed her eyes, reaching out towards the imp, asking him Hey Iggy, would you mind coming over here?

The imp didn't respond, and Sophie frowned, trying again, so focused that she didn't notice Fitz drape his cape over her shoulders.

"Telekinesis?" asked Fitz, "Is that what you're trying to do?"

"No, I wanted to show you how I can talk to animals telepathically," Sophie admitted, a little embarrassed, "but I suppose his mind is too small and chaotic. Larger animals are easier-" Sophie stopped and whipped around to look at the woods as she heard a soft Help in the back of her mind.

"What is it?" Fitz asked, his hand on the hilt of his sword, starting to put his arm in front of Sophie protectively.

Help, help me.

Sophie didn't say anything, and the cape slipped off her shoulders to the ground as she sprinted into the woods mindlessly.

"SOPHIE!" Fitz called out and chased after her, but she didn't stop, breaking through the branches and leaves in her path to follow a now louder train of Help, help me, help, help me, help, help, someone, please, help... Everything was a blur as Sophie kept running, her mind latching to nothing other than the soft, fragile voice calling for help. She changed directions constantly, not caring how deep she was in the forest or what twigs scratched her, but Sophie kept focused, even as Fitz tried to get her attention.

When she finally reached the glade where she heard the voice coming from, she froze at what she saw, just as Fitz caught up to her.

"Sophie, you can't run off like that, it's dangerous," he grabbed her wrist with one hand, and her waist with the other, undoubtedly to make sure she wouldn't run off again. When he saw her expression, Fitz asked, "Sophie? What's wrong?" before following her gaze to the shimmering white alicorn, one of the rarest creatures in existence, now the second known alicorn in existence, laying under an ironwood tree in the center of the glade, its wing pierced with a black hilted spear. "Oh my gnome," he breathed, "who would do this?"

"I don't know," Sophie subconsciously placed her hand on Fitz's chest, "but we need to get it out of here before whoever hurt it comes back."

Cautiously, she approached the beautiful creature, transmitting, "Please, don't be afraid. I heard you call. My name is Sophie, this is my friend Fitz. We're here to help you. What's your name?"

"Silveny!" the alicorn looked up at Sophie miserably with her big, brown eyes. "Sophie? Fitz? Friends?"

"Friends," agreed Sophie. "We need to get you somewhere safe. Can you walk? Or can we levitate you to safety?"

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