Drunken Confession: Chris & Brent

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He was absolutely hammered.
Brent stood apart from the crowd with a red plastic cup in hand filled with only god knew what. He didn't even pretend to be sipping the concoction as he watched his best friend of 3 years dancing half naked atop of his mom's coffee table.

Chris had always been a lightweight. Never one to drink more than 1 or 2 cans of some form of light beer. Tonight though was different. Tonight he found out his father had been sleeping with his mother's best friend. Cliché yes, but nonetheless true. Chris of course had informed his mother who then kicked the bastard out. The process had lasted no more than 20 minutes with more swear words and accusations Brent had ever heard in his 17 years of life. Soon after kicking her husband out, Deana herself, took off for a night out with her sisters. The perfect opportunity for Chris to throw a last minute party and get shit faced. The perfect plan to forget his dysfunctional life if only for a night.

Brent didn't envy his friend one bit.

He watched as Chris moved his hips to the old Usher song that was blasting out of his 20 year old boom box. It was the one thing Brent adored about his friend. He was a traditionalist if nothing else. He briefly thought of going over and pulling Chris off the table but thought better of it. If his friend wanted to make a complete ass out of himself who was he to stop it from happening. Learn from your mistakes and all that jazz. Brent shrugged and brought the cup to his lips before quickly remembering he didn't want to find out what it tasted like.

Quickly discarding the cup, Brent took a seat on the couch. It was also occupied by two squealing teenage girls who kept pointing up at Chris's shameful display. Chris was currently shirtless and had nothing on but a pair of ripped jeans and his small butterfly tattoo on his right hip. Even drunk out of his mind, Chris was still the most beautiful man Brent had ever had the fortune of laying eyes on.

Brent had been in love with his best friend since day one. It was the smile, Brent believed. The way he would regard the world with nothing but a smile and a positive thought. Brent hoped the nights events wouldn't change Chris's view of the world.

Brent went with Chris the day he got his tattoo. Chris had always expressed his obsession with body art and finally found the nerve to ask his mom to sign the consent form. Surprisingly she agreed if it was something he truly wanted and would never regret. At the time Chris would have said anything to get her to sign. Though the minute he walked in the tattoo parlor and saw the image of the blue butterfly with its wings spread wide in flight, Chris knew he would never have a single regret. He told Brent it reminded him of a certain kind of freedom that he wanted to experience in life. Brent paid for the tattoo before it was even finished. Chris was pissed at him but Brent wanted to be apart of that experience with him. It was well worth the silent treatment Chris gave him for the entire ride home.

Staring at the tattoo now, Brent wished he could lean forward and trace the outstretched wings that had Chris believing he himself could fly too.


Brent's head jerked up at the sound of his name and found himself staring into Chris's deep crystal eyes.

"Dance with me, Brenty!" Chris was the only one that ever got away with calling him that.

"How about you come down here and we can talk for a bit?"

Chris seemed to think about it before shrugging his shoulders and jumping down from the coffee table. Of course, in his drunken state, his foot slipped on the hard wood and he came tumbling down straight into Brent's lap.

"My hero!" Chris wrapped his arms around Brent's neck and laid his head on his chest.

"How you feeling, lightweight?" Brent tried hard not to show what Chris's close proximity was doing to him. He tried to pry Chris's hand from around his neck but the shorter man had a good grasp on Brent's hair.

"So good. So damn goooooood!" Chris's head popped up which put his face about an inch away from Brent's. "You'll never cheat on me right, Brent?" Brent knew his shock could be read on his face but he wasn't expecting Chris's question or the sincerity it came with. How could he cheat on Chris? They weren't together no matter how hard Brent wished they were. But either way the answer would always be no. Brent could never cheat on Chris.

"Never, C. You and me for life, kid. Better get used to it."


"I promise."

"Good. Now carry me to bed, peasant!" Chris laid his head back down and Brent knew his friend was serious. About damn time too. Brent enjoyed a good party but not when his best friend was clearly hurting. He would bring Chris upstairs then kick everyone out.

Hoisting Chris's smaller frame, Brent wrapped his arms around him and carried him bridal style through the packed living room and up the stairs to the second story. He could still hear the faint tenor of Mario's voice from the stereo when he reached Chris's bedroom. Letting out a sigh of relief when he saw it was empty, Brent quickly kicked the door shut behind him and sat Chris on the bed.

The other man was already half asleep. His eyes dropping shut as he stared up at Brent. "Are you gonna leave now too?" The question had Brent's heart breaking. He made quick work of Chris's shoes before sitting beside him on the bed.

"I'm not going anywhere, Chris. I promised didn't I? And you know I never break my promises." Chris gave him a small smile that had Brent wanting to wrap him in his arms. "I'm going to go kick everyone out then I'll be right back, ok?"

Chris was up so fast Brent was shocked he didn't fall over. All sleep gone from his wide eyes. "No! You promised you wouldn't leave! Just stay please, Brent please don't leave."

"Whoa. Hey I'm not going anywhere. I just wanted to make sure everyone leaves before your mom gets back in." Chris had ahold of Brent's wrists and it didn't look like he was letting go any time soon. "Chris. It's okay. I'm not leaving. I could never leave you." Brent stared down at his lap at the last part not wanting Chris to see the emotion in his eyes. He was telling the truth. It would be impossible for him to leave Chris. It would hurt too much.

"I wouldn't survive it if you ever left me." Chris was staring into Brent's eyes now, and unlike Brent he wasn't afraid to show the emotion lurking there. Brent wasn't sure what it all meant but he knew one thing for certain, his best friend was hurting and he needed him.

Brent pulled Chris back down to the bed and coaxed him on his back so he could get under the covers. Brent made sure Chris was all tucked in before laying down beside him.

"It's going to be okay, Chris. I promise. What your dad did was seriously messed up and you were right to tell your mom about it." Brent grabbed Chris's hand and laced their fingers together. "I need you to know that I'm going to be here for you always. You're my best friend and that means the world to me, ok?"

Chris turned his head to look at Brent who gave him a smile in return. That smile quickly vanished as Chris leaned over and brushed his lips against Brent's. Brent was too shocked to pull back or to even deepen the gentle kiss. Chris was kissing him. Holy shit Chris was kissing him!

"I love you, Brent."

And Brent loved him too.

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