Chapter Twelve Stronger

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As you had yet to register the actions that took place in the last few moments a piercing scream made its way through your ears. You quickly moved to cover your ears.

"What the fuck! I could have dealt with him!" Dabi screamed at Kuro. 

"Who in the hell do you think you are talking to boy" A scoff made its way out of the black haired male. 

"You know what fuck this!" He started to walk away past where you had been standing. As he saw you in the side of his vision he reached out and grabbed your arm dragging you with him. "Come on" he mumbled quietly making sure not to show any weakness to anyone except you. 

Once down the hallway he passed your room and came to his own he unlocked it and pushed it open revealing a dark room the light was turned off and it smelled heavily of smoke. There were burn marks on his table and nightstand. In the corner a forgotten martial arts dummy sat limp and ripped in half with burn marks all over its worn body. 

He dragged along your body inside a bit and closed the door. He then shoved his head into the crook of your neck. "Fuck, I keep messing up" he whimpered helplessly into your skin. Almost as though a light had been switched he jumped and grabbed your arms. "Are you alright, did he hurt you. Show me where it hurts!" He half yelled at your shrunken figure. 

"I, I'm fine... are you okay?" you said looking into his worried eyes. His eyes glossed over a bit before he spoke. 

"Fuck what am I doing?!" he dropped your arms and moved them so his hands were rubbing his eyes. "Why the fuck do I care! I am not meant  to care! What have you done to me!" He pointed to your form as he said 'you'. An appalled face set its self upon your usually placid one. 

"Just calm down. I haven't done anything." He quieted unexpectedly. "You don't have to care though. I never asked you to. You made this game and I agreed to play so you would stop being annoying, which is not working!" He was wearing a guilty face which ticked you off. "Don't act like you are innocent." you waited for a response before getting to annoyed "You know what I'm done" You began to walk away as he grabbed your hand. 

"Please don't leave me" he almost whimpered. For some reason or another something ached in your stomach and your breathing caught. He seemed so dejected. Tracing your hand with his own he brought them to his lips. "Please stay (y/n)" you glared at him but soon it dropped. 

"No. I am not a doll for you to play. Go call one of your bootycalls if you don't want to be lonely." you ripped your hand away from his own and made your way to the door. He slumped down on the floor with his back against the bed and his head in his hands. "I am not the glue for your broken parts. Good luck. "  you closed the door behind you leaving the male alone. 

It wasn't your fault he was lonely so why did it hurt your chest to leave him behind. You shook your head and walked downstairs all the while mumbling to yourself. "I do not like conflict and yet here I am dealing with a broken pyromaniac!" You didn't even notice as you came down that someone was right in front of you. Your face collided hard into the persons back. 

Your face froze as a monster looked over to where you laid on the ground. "S-sorry" you whimpered. 

"No need to apologize to it" Kurogiri said to you. "Not like it's human" he sat a glass on the counter and walked over to where you had been sitting on the ground. He offered a hand up. 

"thank you, but uh, what is it then?" he headed back to his post while speaking.

"A weapon. One that will take down the number one hero. Almight" you could hear his malicious intent in his voice and a chill ran down your spine. 

"Do you need any help from me" he thought for a moment.

"Hurry up and get stronger, then you can worry about that" he said Kindly. You nodded. "But for now come help me with a special task." he reached out his hand offering it to your own. You immediately grabbed it as you were transported somewhere else.  Suddenly you were standing in a large forest. "All you have to do is when you see a group of students heading off into the forest call Dabi. Oh and don't get caught" he handed you a phone and made sure Dabis number was already in the phone. "Thank you!" 

"Do I attack someone or something" you asked confused, he shook his head no.

"No, this is about stealth. We have an attack on the heroes planed for today. You are our bird" you nodded understanding. It was annoying knowing you were being used but what were you to do? He adopted you for that exact reason. You just had to pick and choose battles plus you had only heard it once but it made sense. 'Don't bite the hand that feeds you'. You understood that he could have left you had he of wanted to so this was a much better option than the latter. 

"Okay see you soon" You said to the man. 

"Oh also I did some DNA checks with your cells. Apparently your cells are divided and you are able to create body parts so fast due to the fact that your metabolism and cell division and a lot of other parts are able to work at lightning pace, so next time try to divide your cells only along one part of your body in order to cut off a limb instead of relying solely on weapons. Just something to keep in mind" he told you softly leaving you to your thoughts. 

Why of all people did you have to call the one person you least wanted to see. You knew he had to of been pissed once he got past his unusual behavior. Again you scolded yourself  you don't care so stop thinking about the prick  you told yourself as something started to move. 

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