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''Jade, I'm so glad you finally called, I miss you so much'', Marie said affectedly through the phone. ''How is it with Laurent, is he nice to you?''

I bit my lip, debating over what to tell her. I was sitting in Laurent's living room with my bags surrounding me. He had left for Montreal in the morning, and I had told Anna I was coming to her place after dinner, which was about now, but I felt too stressed out and shy to go. So, I finally resigned to call my mothers, as I realized how much I truly missed them.

''He's sweet, we really get along well'', I lied, not wanting to worry her. ''Is Joanne with you?''

''Yeah, she's right beside me'', Marie answered happily. ''She won't admit it to herself, but she misses you a lot. She goes into your bedroom everyday.''

I heard groaning on the phone, and I chuckled, knowing how Joanne was secretive with her emotions. It was refreshing to finally laugh, since the last two days had been incredibly tensed. I stayed at Laurent's place, but we barely spoke to each other. He still let me sleep in his bedroom, which was a relief for me, but he tried to avoid being in the same room as me for the rest of the time. It was painful to be close to him, but so far at once.

''Sarah is worried about you, she doesn't understand why you left so suddenly'', Marie revealed in a sad voice.

''Yeah, we have never been not speaking to each other for so long'', I sighed, afraid to lose my best friend.

What if she never forgives me for leaving like that? What if I lose her too?

''Don't worry, I told her you would see her as soon as you were back'', Marie comforted me. ''She knows you wouldn't have left if it wasn't important.''

''Yeah, I guess'', I agreed, fiddling with the zipper of my sweatshirt.

We said our goodbyes soon after, as I was not much of a phone person. I sat on the sofa for another ten minutes, pondering if my life would ever go back to normal. Feeling a little faint, I forced my self to take my luggage, not without a bitter tightness in my chest. I looked back at Laurent's house, missing it already. Laurent was an asshole, but his house was perfect.

I walked to my new place with uneasiness. Snow had now covered the forest and the trees, and the lake was frozen, creating an enchanted atmosphere. I was greeted by a smiling Anna and Sebastien. They showed me my room and I was nervous at the idea that I would have nightmares again. I was already such a burden to them, I did not want to deprave them from sleep because I would wake up screaming. Then again, I had not had them since Laurent had moved me in his bedroom, so there was a little hope.

Oddly, I started feeling a bit weak and dizzy, when I was unpacking my things, so I went to bed early, hoping it would go away. To my surprise, I slept deeply, but when I woke up, I was drenched in sweat and my limbs were hurting. I took my phone on the night table and saw it was only 6 in the morning, but there was no way I could go back to sleep feeling like that. I stood up from the bed with difficulty, every part of my body sore, and limped to the bathroom wincing. I felt a sudden nausea hitting me, so I ran to the toilet and threw up. What was happening to me?

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