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That night, I could not find sleep, still haunted by horrible nightmares every time I dozed off. This was becoming unbearable. I was exhausted, yet my mind kept me from resting. I had to find a way to sleep, but the truth was that I felt unsafe in my bedroom. I struggled to even close my eyes, because I feared that if I did so, someone could attack me at my most vulnerable. I even tried sleeping medication, but it made things worse because I still could not sleep and felt even more sluggish when I woke up. My anxiety was eating me from inside.

I thought about Laurent to help me calm down. I thought about the fact he was sleeping just down the hallway, and that he would protect me if anything happened. I thought about his pack, how strong they were as a team, and how I was now a part of them. Still, when I stared through the windows, the dark and thick forest reigning before my eyes seemed full of danger and hidden traps. I wish Laurent was closer, maybe I would feel less insecure.

That was when I had an idea. Would Laurent freak out on me? Probably, but I had to at least try something. So, I took my pillow and a blanket, and quietly opened my door. I stared left and right in the corridor as if someone could be watching me, and walked the most silently I could to Laurent's bedroom and went in. My eyes being used to the dark, I could see his handsome face as he slept deeply, his ruffled black hair giving him a cute look. I instantly felt more relaxed, and relieved that I had not woken him up, especially with his heightened wolf senses.

I laid down on the hard-wooden floor beside his king-sized bed and rolled myself into the thick blanket to create a more comfortable ground, although I never really had problems with sleeping on floors. I closed my eyes, content with my idea, and few minutes later, I could already feel myself get lost in the fatigue.

I woke up surrounded by blinding light, in an incredibly soft bed. An intoxicating scent made me moan softly and lean deeper in my pillow, until I remembered that I should be on a hard floor. My eyes flew open as I attempted to scan the environment, my heart beating wildly. The room was painted a light grey and had large windows with a magnificent sight of the lake around which the pack was situated. I soon realized by the manly odor that I was still in Laurent's room, but on his bed instead of the floor. Laurent was nowhere in sight, feeding the mysteriousness around the fact that I was on his bed. Did I go there myself or did he put me there? I could not remember anything, and I felt like I had the best sleep in months.

I went downstairs, still in my night shorts and tank top, and found Laurent casually cooking eggs in the kitchen, wearing only jogging pants, and making my mouth water and dry at the same time. He turned to me with a small smile, probably amused by my dishevelled appearance.

''Did you sleep well?'' he wondered while putting the scrambled eggs on two plates.

He was without a doubt the sexiest man I had ever seen, with his messy hair and bare torso, making me breakfast. I thought about Justin, and tried to remember that he was hot too, but the scene before me was too enticing to ignore.

''Uh...Why did I wake up in your bed?'' I asked confusedly, combing my hair with my hands self-consciously.

''I found you sprawled up on the floor, and I felt pity for you, so I thought, my bed is large enough for two people'', he let out in a light tone. ''I figured you had nightmares again?''

''I did'', I confirmed. ''Thank you for letting me sleep in your room. I kind of needed to be close to someone.''

''No problem, you can do it again tonight, if you want'', he suggested with dark eyes that I could not decipher.

As tempting as it was to accept his offer, I was too proud to admit how comforting it would be. He already considered me as a child, I did not want to enforce his opinion.

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