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Okay, so... I changed my mind. I'm publishing the whole book now, mostly because I always forget to publish my chapters on time, and because I want to focus on another project! Also, does anyone know why Wattpad keeps spacing my paragraphs so much? It's kind of annoying...


I had tried to avoid Laurent the best I could since the bathroom incident, but since we were leaving for the pack meeting in few minutes, I knew I would have to face him again. It was the afternoon now, and I had spent my day walking around the pack houses and the surrounding forest, until I had met some kids playing outside and had joined them, having nothing better to do. It was getting colder and colder everyday, so I was trying to enjoy the temperature until everything would be covered in snow.

I was uncertain about the way I should dress for a pack meeting, so I settled for black skinny pants and a simple baby blue sweater and braided my hair loosely. I joined Laurent downstairs with a nervous, awkward smile, hoping he had gotten over the bathroom incident. He greeted me sharply and opened the front door for me.

''So, where is it happening'', I asked, walking side by side with him.

''At my parent's former house. One of the pack families moved in there when my mother left, so we kept the tradition of meeting there every week'', he answered, staring straight ahead seriously. I wanted to ask him more about his parents, but seeing his closed expression, I remained silent. ''Did you sleep well?'' he wondered after a heavy minute of quiet.

''Yeah, the bed is very comfortable'', I told him honestly. ''Although I had nightmares about Thomas and the attack of the other night.''

He frowned at me, concern filling his traits. He stopped walking and offered me the shadow of a sympathetic smile.

''You don't have to worry about them anymore'', he stated with a softer voice. ''I'm taking care of everything.''

I bit my lip, hesitating.

''I don't want to let you fight my battle'', I admitted, turning to him. ''I want to be strong, and to defeat Thomas myself. I want to show him that he can't control me, and to make him regret all the monstrous things he has done in his life.''

''But you can't'', he shook his head. ''Not until you've had your transformation, and your nineteenth birthday is over a year away. He will attack before, that's for sure.''

I sighed, as Laurent started walking again at a fast, tensed pace. I followed, hoping everything would be over soon. We then entered a vast, white wooden house where people where gathering. People greeted and nodded their heads at Laurent as he led me to the basement. The basement consisted of a large, recently renovated room with dozens of chairs facing the front. Some people had already sat, waiting for the beginning of the meeting. I noticed the same four children I had played with earlier, and they ran to me when they recognized my face. Laurent seemed surprised by their reaction, but soon left me with them to discuss with an older man standing close.

I sat with Laura, Gabriel, Alicia, and Francis while they proceeded to name every person in the room for me. They were all cute and polite, at about five to seven years old, and they gave me the warmth I needed in those difficult times.

''And that's Justin, he's the brother of Sebastien'', they pointed a boy about my age, with dark brown skin, short hair, and a dashing smile.

He was certainly good-looking, not as handsome as Laurent, but undeniably one of the most attractive boys I had met. I smirked at him as he met my eyes, my seductive mode switched on. Maybe he could be the perfect distraction that would make my stay here more pleasant.

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