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I was still sitting in my new bedroom when I heard the front door open and a feminine voice resonate. I supposed it was Laurent's sister, so I took a deep breath and got up, checking myself in the mirror before going downstairs. There I saw a young woman, not much older than me, with fair skin and the same black hair and grey eyes Laurent had. Laurent was coming out of the kitchen, looking happy to see his sister. They looked a lot alike, but she seemed more cheerful, with her bright, welcoming smile.

''Hi, Jade, it's so nice to finally meet you!'' she exclaimed enthusiastically. ''I'm Anna, Laurent's sister!''

''Hi, nice to meet you too'', I told her with a sincere smile. She was holding hands with a dark-skinned guy who looked equally nice.

''This is my mate, Sebastien'', she said while he shook my hand politely.

Hearing the word ''mate'', I turned to Laurent with inquisitive eyes, wondering what she meant by that. Laurent shook his head suggestively at his sister before he cleared his throat and changed the subject.

''I invited Anna and Sebastien for dinner'', he announced with one of his rare smiles. ''I thought it would be nice for you to get to know other people here.''

''And I would never turn down one of Laurent's home cooked meals, he's quite good with food'', Anna said. ''What are you making us?''

''Chili'', Laurent answered while heading back to the kitchen, and we followed him there. Laurent suddenly turned to me with a puzzled expression. ''Oh, I forgot to tell you something, Jade. We don't eat meat, in my family, but if you prefer, we can buy some for you at the grocery store tomorrow.''

I was surprised by this revelation, since logically, I thought werewolves would be carnivores like wolves. The idea of vegetarian werewolves was quite absurd.

''I know, it's weird, but being half an animal kind of makes you realize the horrors of the meat industry'', Anna began. ''And werewolves aren't instinctive hunters like normal wolves. Our only instinct is to protect our family, nothing else. Well, for most of us.''

I nodded, interested by her explanation. The werewolf world was full of surprises, and the more I learned about it, the more I felt a sense of pride being part of it. I had thought werewolves were all similar to Thomas, and he was not exactly a role model, but I was discovering they were mostly kind people. Well, excepted for Dylan and his pack, who were attempting to murder me.

''It's fine, I already don't eat much meat anyway'', I said with a smile.

''I must say, I am glad you moved here, Jade! Laurent finally let me decorate his house, I had been bugging him about it for two years'', Anna exclaimed, sending a teasing smirk toward her brother. Laurent's cheeks reddened as he seemed irritated.

''What? You changed the decoration because of me?'' I asked, feeling bad about the trouble I was causing.

''I had to do it anyway'', Laurent retorqued, glaring at his smirking sister.

Silence filled the room, the atmosphere suddenly tensed. I felt uncomfortable, like I did every time Laurent was mad. Anna took my hand with a smile, breaking the heaviness.

''Um, Sebastien, can you give a hand to Laurent with the dinner, so Jade and I can chat a little'', Anna demanded while leading me to the couch.

The two men nodded and began working, chatting about the news. Anna and I sat, and I felt nervous being alone with her. She seemed nice, but she was still a stranger to me, which meant that I was not completely comfortable with her yet.

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