My sense of humor sucked.

''If it makes you feel better, just know that'', he paused, clenching his jaw and adverting my gaze. ''Just know that I will protect you with my life. That's a promise.''

My heart swelled at his words. I could not understand why I deserved his generosity.

''Thanks, it means a lot'', I admitted, locking my eyes with his intensely. He was so handsome, in a natural, but obvious way.

''I can give you a ride after your class, if you want'', he offered.

''Do you even sleep sometimes? Or eat? You always seem close'', I asked out of curiosity.

He laughed softly, showing off his dimples and perfect teeth. I was trying very hard not to swoon internally. Astoundingly, I was cool with the new revelation that he was a werewolf. At least, he was not in the mafia as I had thought, and he had proved me that he had good intentions.

''I haven't had lot of free time recently'', he agreed. ''I simply try to stay close as much as I can. I've been renting a small flat for the last three months close from here, my house is kind of far from the city.''

''Wait, what? You've been following me for three months? I thought you had started this like three weeks ago'', I exclaimed in surprise.

''Four months to be exact. I've just tightened my surveillance recently'', he corrected with amused eyes.


''So, do you want that ride? After school?'' he asked, speaking like he was my father or something, I found it pretty funny.

''Yeah, sure, why not'', I responded, taking my bag, and leaving the car. ''Thank you.''

''Be careful'', he called out of the open window, making me giggle.

''Yes, daddy!'' I joked sarcastically, regret washing over me when I realized what I had just said.

''Uh...okay'', Laurent spluttered awkwardly, his cheeks turning red.

''I am s-sorry, I-I mean, bye!'' I called out, feeling incredibly uncomfortable about my inappropriateness, and began walking fast to my class without a look behind. I had a talent for clumsy humor.


My class ended earlier because my professor had an emergency call, so I was sitting outside waiting for Laurent, enjoying the last warmth of Fall. It was weird that he had not waited for me at school like he usually did, but I guessed he had gone eating. I decided to read a Greek mythology book for my Philosophy class, which was about the story of the gods Cronos and Ouranos.

Anyway, Laurent was coming in about twenty minutes maximum, so I might as well use that time effectively. Moreover, at almost 6 at night, only few students remained in school, so the campus was peaceful, and I loved that atmosphere. There was always a special vibe, when seeing a usually crowded place deserted, as if there was only an echo of the previous energy lingering.

I heard footsteps behind me, but I ignored them until someone sat on the bench. I glanced quickly at the middle-aged man who was staring at me intently. He had salt and peppers short hair, and a small beard. I did not want to discuss with a stranger, so I tried to look focused on my book, so he would not disturb me.

''That is an interesting story, you are reading'' he said, his deep voice startling me.

I turned to him with a polite smile and nodded in agreement, before focusing back on reading, hoping he would get the clue.

''It is nice to meet you, Jade'', he continued, making me shudder in fear and spun my head at him.

''How do you know my name?'' I asked shakily.

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