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''So, werewolf, uh?'' I said awkwardly while Laurent finished pushing the sofas back into their places after he had fully dressed himself. About 50% of me was frightened, 40% was amazed by the coolness of what I had just witnessed and 10% still could not believe it. Questions of how and why Laurent could transform into a wolf were swirling in my head, making me feel dizzy.

''Yep'', he said, looking at me like he was gauging the odds of me freaking out.

''You have a lot to explain to me'', I stated, my head spinning.

''I know'', he sighed, sitting on a sofa, ready for a long conversation.

We talked for a full hour until Laurent had to drive me back to school for my class. He told me the basics of the werewolf world, or shapeshifter as he called himself often. He explained to me how shapeshifting was hereditary, that his whole family was like him and that they lived as a pack, like most werewolves do. I quickly understood that there was a chance I was like him, since Thomas was a shapeshifter too, and although my whole life was changing before my eyes, I knew deep in my guts that everything made sense. I was always different from other kids, and I had thought for a long time that it was because my family was unusual or because I had skipped a grade, but it was something bigger, a lot bigger.

The werewolf world was complex, and Laurent did his best to make sure I could grasp everything, but it would take time. I learned about alphas, the leaders of the packs, and how this status gave some people responsibilities and unique abilities. Laurent was an alpha, so was Thomas, which made him stronger and more dangerous and meant that I had alpha blood too. Laurent told me every alpha had a special ability, and that my father's one was a shield that made him immune to other's abilities and difficult to take down. Apparently, when an alpha kills another, he gains even more power, but battles between alphas almost always ends in the death of the two parties, so they were rare. Therefore, to earn more power, Thomas conceived children with alpha blood and killed them before they were old and strong enough to fight him. Laurent revealed to me that Thomas had had at least three children before me and that they all were ''mysteriously'' murdered. The story made my skin crawl, and I did everything I could not to panic.

According to Laurent, Thomas was not even my only threat. Laurent was not the only one with the goal of destroying Thomas, but some werewolves did not share his strategy and wanted to kill me first to make sure Thomas could not get any more powerful by killing me himself. That was the case of Dylan, the guy who had flirted with me earlier. So, if I put all the pieces together, dozens of people were seeking my death and I did not even have werewolf powers to defend myself yet. Great!

He explained that most shapeshifters had their first shift at their nineteenth birthday, so I would likely turn in a werewolf too when I would be nineteen, which was more than a year away. I was glad I had still a lot of time to process everything before it. I had just been introduced to the werewolf world, I was certainly not ready to be a part of it yet.

The only thing that was keeping me sane was Laurent. He was sweet, understanding with me, and he made me feel safe when I was far from it. Things had changed between us, and I could feel us growing closer. I could not deny the fact that I was more attracted to him than I ever was with any males before, and I sensed that it was reciprocal. Nonetheless, I knew I could not take the risk of making things awkward between us, I needed his protection too bad.

''We're here'', he said as he turned into one of my college's parking. ''Will you be okay?''

''Yeah, I think so, it's like not I have a psycho father trying to kill me'', I joked sarcastically to lighten the mood, but my tone still held a strong hint of bitterness and fear.

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