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He was only a few meters away from me when he spun backwards with surprise filling his eyes. I gasped when I met his eyes from up close. They were a mix a blue and icy grey, and I felt all strange and tingly when I looked into them. Hard as it was to realize it, my stalker was breathtakingly gorgeous, unlike any man I had ever seen before. However, that did not erase the fact that he was a creepy stalker.

''Before you say anything, I want you to know that I have 911 dialed right here'', I started, showing him my phone. ''And that my parents are aware of your existence. And that I know karate. ''

At that, he started chuckling. Obviously, he did not find me very intimidating. I was insulted by the fact that he did not take me seriously.

''Okay, if you don't tell me right now why you are following me, I will call the police and scream very loud'', I stated with wide eyes while shaking my phone as a proof.

His face fell immediately, and I noticed that he switched to a more defensive mode.

''Okay, just calm down, I don't want any harm to you'', he said with a deep voice while putting his hands in the air to show that he was not a danger.

''J-just answer the damn question!''

I could see him debate internally, before he sighed and began his explanation.

''I'm following you to protect you from others, it's complicated. Just put the put the phone away we'll talk about it'', he said slowly, watching me with careful eyes.

I scoffed incredulously.

''You think I'm stupid? I am not putting the phone away!'' I responded, his presence and voice making me feel surprisingly safe, but still distrustful.

''Come on, Jade, I don't want to have to use force on you'', he stated in an annoying tone.

''That's it, I'm calling the police.''

How did he even know my name? And did he seriously believe that talking about using force on me was going to soothe me? He had just proved me that he was a danger, as I had thought. I raised my phone and proceeded to start the call for real.

''Wait! I know your biological father'', he stated, halting me dead in my tracks. I almost dropped my phone on the ground. ''I'll tell you about him, but you need to trust me.''

My head was spinning. I felt torn between my rational side, that was telling me to call the police and get away from the stranger, and my undeniable wish to know about my father. One side of me was clearly winning, and it was not the one my mothers would be happy about.

''What do you want from me?'' I asked, more confident.

''I only want to talk, I swear'', he said, tightening his jaw and giving me a long, sincere look.

I hesitated a little, wondering how it was possible that a stranger knew my biological father when even my mothers did not.

''We'll talk, but we'll do it in there'', I suggested, pointing to my school. It was no doubt safer for me in there, in a room filled with students and security guards close by. ''And I have to go to my Math class, I can't risk lowering my grades. Deal?''

''Deal'', he simply answered, passing his hand in his soft black hair. ''I'll be at the door at 11 o'clock.''

''Okay, the fact you know my schedule so well is fucking creepy. And if you disappear, I'll call the cops on you, and now I know what you look like'', I said, staring at him with squinted, leery eyes. He rolled his eyes while I walked away at a shaky pace towards my class.

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