PART THREE: All in our Family

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An excerpt from my children's book 'When Sampson Met Delilah' is SO appropriate for this pic and this collection of 'family' themed memes.

'Delilah had difficulty hiding the twinkle in her eye and a lift of the fleshy corner of her beak.

The babes had never seen Sampson's devastating charm back in their courting days, several months before; the flapping of wings and bursts of super-duck speed as he circled around and around her, causing small wavelets to spread in every direction.

All that preening and smoothing of her feathers as well as his own; while he wooed her with a deluge of whistles and grunts. He captured her heart completely with his winning ways.

Once again, her heart hammered in her small chest as his songs of love echoed in her mind.

Theirs would surely be one of the rare pairings for life she had heard her Grandma and old Aunt Gladys speak of, once upon a time. Their eyes would mist over as they reminisced about their Duck Dreamtime.'

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