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The nextday..


"KD!!" I yelled ringing my bell next to my bed.

I heard him sigh loudly and I laughed.

Since he always wanna be at somebody house he gotta be my maid now because for one I'm still recovering from the gunshot and two Kentrell beat my back in last night and now I can barley walk.

"Yes NeeNee" Kd walked in.

"Can you fix me some apple juice,hold the ice" I smiled.

"Sure" he walked back out.

I looked over at my phone as it was ringing and I saw it was mrs.sherhonda., I answered.


"NeeNee how bout baby k aint Kentrell son, Jesus take the wheel before I take it and run star over!" She Yelled into the phone.

I covered my mouth. "How you kn-

"That dirty hoe knew that wasn't Kentrell son from the start and didn't tell nobody the fuck type of shit is that" she continued.

"Here" Kd passed me my drink.

"Thanks" I said lowly.

"Wait,Wait slow down" I told her and she stopped.

"Ok, now start from the beginning what happened"

"So you know starr always wanna be In competition with the other babymommas right" she said.


"So since Nia and them was putting Kentrell on child support she wanted to do it tooand in order to do that you have to get a dna test from the baby and the father"

"So I go with her to get the dna test for baby k and k3 and when we get the fucking results back come to find out the baby not even his"she said and I shook my head.

"Woww" I Said. And he didn't even tell me, honestly I wouldn't wanna tell anybody that either that's embarrassing to be all on social media thinking that's your baby and then after 2 years you find out it's not even your son.

"This some crazy shit, hold up this Nisha calling me" She Said And the phone hung up.

I heard the front door open and a few minutes later Kentrell walked in my room.

"Neenee" he looked at me.

"I know, come here" I told him, already knowing what happened.

He came and laid in the bed with me and put his head on my chest.I rubbed his back.

"Some shit always happening to me mane" he said balling up his fists.

"Everything happens for a reason think about it if you hadn't found out you would be thinking this child is your son for the rest of his life and that's worse than 2 years trust me" I said.

"You right" he looked up and kissed me.

"How you you feelin" he asked.

"Better than yesterday and the day before, but I don't think I can walk" I pouted.

"What you mean it's your shoulder not your legs" he looked confused.

"Nigga you did that too me with yo horny add, worse than a pregnant lady" I rolled my eyes as he laughed.

"My bad baby, I told you I was gone do it you should've just told me to wait" he shrugged.

I mushed his head. "I wanted it and I didn't need you crying like a baby" I said.

We both looked at eachother.

"Wah,wah,wah, bitch I'm lil baby" we said in unison.

"That was so lame" I laughed and he nodded.

He stared at me.

"what" I asked.

"I wanna fuck u" he licked his lips.

"get out of my room, horn ball" I Mugged Him.

"Ight, don't ask me for no food either" he said and walked out of the room.

"Wait bae I'm hungry" I tried to get out before he closed the door.

"I CANT STAND YOU" I yelled and growled.

I don't know why I'm acting handicap.I stood up and walked out of the room.

"I know you heard me nigga" I looked at Kentrell Getting some grapes from the refrigerator.

"I thought you couldn't move" kd looked at me.

"I just didn't feel like getting up" I shrugged and winced forgetting my shoulder still hadn't healed.

"That's what you get" he laughed.

"Fuck you get out my house nigga how bout that" I did a fake laugh.

"You don't call shots round here, ain't that right Yb" he looked at him and I did too.

"No what you talking about" he said scratching the back of his neck.

"That's what I thought"

"Bitch ass nigga" Kd mumbled.

"So you taking me to get something to eat or what" I asked Kentrell and he nodded.

I looked down and my sports bra and tights,he'll be alright.Once we got outside he turned around and looked at me.

"I absolutely think the fuck not" he said and I bussed out laughing.

"No forreal I cant put on a shirt it hurts my shoulder" I lied.

"mmhm come on mane" he eyed me before getting in the car.


"You still mad" Kentrell Asked me trying to kiss me.

"Unt un boy don't you got some songs to make or something get out my face" I put my hand in his face.

"I didn't even do nothing, I'm famous what you expect" he shrugged.

"nigga I don't give a fuck if you was the president, that don't give no bitch the right to be giggly giggly gooing all in your face while you girlfriend right there" I went off.

"It's not like I was entertaining her mane"

"Okay but yo didn't ev-

"you want some head mane" he rubbed his face.

I rolled my eyes.

"Come here" He Said And I did as told.

This nigga think head fix everything.


Didn't know how to end this but I decided to bring this book back because it was getting so much love so here yall go.

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