Ch. X

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"You look dashing." You smiled as Connor exited the storage room, wearing the suit the two of you had tailored. His perfectly symmetrical sewing style blended in perfectly with your professional, experienced one, creating a truly unique clothing article. The dark blue suit hugged his frame as if it were his second skin, white shirt buttoned all the way to the top, collar slightly disheveled. Now, all that he was missing was a tie and a hat.

"Well, this suit is in perfect accordance to societal standards. That is very likely the reason why you think so." The Android explained, a goofy, yet cheeky smile gracing his features.

"Or just that we did great work on it. You're a quick learner." You reciprocated the smirk and reached to adjust his collar. Connor watched your hand, a slight tingling on his neck where your fingers had brushed over the synthetic skin. He then let his eyes travel up your arm, to your shoulder, neck, and finally to your frowning face. You were still in working attire. "We just need to get to my apartment really quick so that I can change too, and we're good to go."

You trotted to the exit, nodding your head for Connor to follow you. He complied quickly, stealing one of Elijah's hats from the hanger by the entrance and accompanying you out into the street.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

The Android sat unnaturally on the sofa in your living room, waiting for you to get ready. Restless as he was, Connor began looking around, scanning the room with inhuman speed. A few picture frames were set up on a nearby table, along with multiple tools, some needed for sewing and some required for programming and robotics. Your hobbies did seem rather branched out, Connor had to admit.

Rising from his seat, already bored, he went to inspect the photos on the table, one with two teens and a child catching his eye. One of them, the shortest and presumably youngest, was obviously you. You had round, child-like features in said picture, but it was undoubtedly you.

Behind you, with one hand buried in your hair to mess it up, stood a teen with (h/c) hair and a cheeky grin. That must have been Brennan. The one on the far right was a tad taller than both you and your brother, and obviously in his teens as well. Connor's face recognition software approximated a difference of about five years between you and the two boys. The tallest boy's eyes were of light color, presumably grey or blue, and were dominated by sternness and wit. The Android could have sworn it was Kamski.

Connor heard subtle, hurried steps come from your room, so he turned away from the table, towards the door that slowly opened.

"What do you think?" You stepped inside the room he was in did a quick twirl in front of him to show off your simple, classic black dress that reached just above your knees. "Haven't worn it in like a year or so."

"I believe putting on a thin jacket as well would be smart." The Android said, mentally looking at his built in thermometer. 18 degrees Celsius. Sure, it was almost the middle of June, but nights could still get rather chilly. Better safe than sorry.

He tilted his head in confusion when he noticed you frown. Were you insulted by the piece of advice he had just given? No, that couldn't be it...

"I thought robots didn't have built-in douchebag behavior."

Douchebag? As far as Connor could tell, he hadn't done anything to come off as that.

"Come on, don't just dodge the question like that." You added.


"Well, as far as my visual analysis tells me, yes. I mean- yes, look aesthetically pleasing."

"See? Wasn't that hard." You chuckled at his still confused expression. "Come here."

Connor complied in an almost shaky manner, hurrying to stand in front of you. He had no idea why he was acting up like that, but the right time to address it wasn't exactly that moment.

"I remembered you needed a tie, so I thought you could borrow one of Brennan's." You adjusted it around his neck, carefully fixing his collar as well, then tied the accessory into a neat, almost perfect knot. You smiled to yourself in satisfaction, resting your hands on Connor's chest. You slid them downwards in a firm, smooth motion to straighten out his jacket.

The Android swallowed a mouthful of synthetic saliva, ignoring the soft, warm electric currents going through him wherever your hands came in contact with his skin.

"Good enough. Let's be on our way." You concluded.

You nodded to the exit and waited for Connor to step outside, then followed him out onto the dark street. He waited patiently for you to lock the door, then asked: "Where are we headed?"

"Well, there's this place I used to visit a lot with Brennan and his friends back in the day. They served those amazing drinks that tasted deliciously and knocked you out in an instant!" You explained, subconsciously licking your upper lip.

Connor couldn't help but stare at you for a millisecond, then shake his head. "I don't think that would be a good idea. The alcohol, I mean."

"Don't worry, I won't get drunk and then make you take care of me. Or at least I don't intend to."

You linked your arm with his as if he were an old friend, taking the lead down the street confidently.

"That's good to know." Connor stumbled beside you, expression confused, yet mostly neutral, the LED on his temple blinked yellow.

You walked in silence for a while, watching the sun go down and the streetlights flicker to life. The air seemed thinner and lighter, along with the fading warmth of the summer day.

"Hah, this feels nice." You closed your eyes and sighed in contentment, offering Connor a gentle smile as you came to a slow halt in front of a bar.

Connor tilted his head, but didn't say anything.

"Going out like this with someone." You explained, noticing his lack of words. "Haven't done this ever since Brennan enrolled."

"When was that?"

"Two years ago, I think. Maybe even a little more. Ah well, it wasn't a part of my life I particularly enjoy looking back to anyways. Things just went downhill after he left, I guess."

Connor could barely refrain himself from asking about the picture he had seen in your house, with Kamski and your brother.

"Something wrong?" You asked, raising an eyebrow and leaning closer to Connor to be able to get a proper look on his frowning face.

"No!" The crease between his brows deepened, before he took a deep breath. "I- No. Sorry."

"It's fine. You just looked like something was off. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

That was the dilemma, though. He really wanted to ask you about the picture. But in the end, he decided not to.

"Let's go inside."

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