Chapter 3: Kaldur

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"Everything went so incredibly fast...", the Atlantean startet after a long period of silence.

He was sitting in a comfortable green armchair inside of a well decorated office at the mountain, his hands rested on his lap. In front of him sat Black Canary listening carefully to every spoken word.

"I... I assumed he would surrender... give himself in... until he pulled out this damn pill", Kaldur'ahm sweared. He never sweared. Also he never raised his voice. But he couldn't control his emotions anymore like he usually did.

Of course he saw death. He was even trained, prepared to see death like this.
But this mission taught him that you can never really prepare yourself for seeing people die until it truly happens.

"And what happened then?", Black Canary asked in her gentlest voice.

"He wanted to honor his master, to let us know for who he was giving his life away... But then... there was... someone... fired a shot through the window right into his head", he talked his voice slowly getting his usual calm tone back.

"I see...", Black Canary started writing something down, "How did you feel at this moment?"


"For how long is he away now?", Dick Grayson, aka Robin, nervously asked his best friend who was sitting next to him at the couch.

"I hope not for too long anymore", Wally said wiggling his eyebrows at him, "The Wall-man wants, too"

"Dork!", Artemis gave Wally her best punch to his side.

The teens were sitting at Mount Justice's living room waiting for their talk with the 'psychiatrist' as Artemis and Robin prefer to call her.

It wasn't much helpful either that most of the Justice League's heroes, including their mentors (except Batman), were on a off world mission on Tumar... Tamara... Some alien planet.

The team survived a sleepless night and started dealing with their shock on their own way.

Wally was more Wally than ever.

Artemis was more Artemis than ever.

Conner and Megan- ok let's skip this part

"Do you smell this?", Conner asked confused.

Wally sniffed into the air and so did Robin.

"Yeah, kinda...burnt?"

"THE COOKIES!", Megan screamed and ran into the kitchen area forgetting the fact that she can fly.

Yeah the team started less using their powers except for Robin and Artemis but since they haven't any...

"OW", Megan screamed out in pain.

The green skinned alien obviously burned herself trying to get the cookies out of the oven with her bare hands.

"USE YOUR DAMN TELEKINESIS, MARTIAN!", Artemis screamed angry while Conner rushed to her side.

"Are you alright?", he asked looking at the slightly red spots on her hand gently holding it by her wrist and inspecting the injury further.

Conner couldn't help but feel the urge to protect his team and especially a certain Martian now.

"It's nothing Conner, it just-OW!", she yelled out when he slightly touched a spot.

"Better we treat this", he told her.

The other three team members on the couch watched this show with way too much interest.

While Wally had a big fat grin on his face Robin's one was smaller but still there. Artemis just crossed her arms refusing to let out a grin by pressing her lips together.

"Conner, it's nothing. Just burns a little...", she was interrupted by the bright blue color of Conner's eyes that just couldn't accept a no.

"Okay...", and with that they were gone, on their way to the med bay.

"How romantic...", Wally grinned turning his head to Artemis and placing it on her shoulder.

For this he earned an even harder punch to his... let's say stomach before she stormed of.

'Perfect', Wally thought, 'And with who am I supposed to flirt now?'

With that he turned around to face Robin who raised a brow and so did Wally.

The confused bird just awkwardly waved with his hand helplessly...

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