Chapter 3

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Mélovin's Pov

"Kostya jump!" he shouts.My father literally throw me away."I love you so much Kostya!" the car comes and crashes in my parents.The only thing I see is blood streaming out of the car...

Now I am totally awake.I am dreaming of this since my parents died when I was 8.It was so brutal and I'll never forget them.Suddenly my step-parents came in and just knocked me down.How useless I was and how I destroyed their life.Then they said that my parents didn't wanted me and they had no clue what to do.So they decided to die.And that gave me the rest."You just destroyed my life.From MY parents I got love and from you I just get hate!Can't you just go!!" And then an angry male voice spoke "Not in that voice little slut! We are going for 3 months.And we are happy to not see you again.Bitch." then he slapped me so hard that I was bleeding.But it doesn't matter at all because they "bully" me like every day so I got used to it.After they have gone I got a message from my teacher.

Teacher : Good afternoon.At four it'll come my best student to learn with you.Be respectfull.

Me : Well,thanks.

I will probably be as cold as always but my life has been a mess.I just don't get any emotions showed anymore.That means I do not give emotions.And for that I got also bullied in my old school.I just had one friend.Artem.But-
In that moment I was taken away from my thoughts when the bell rang.I got to the door opened it and saw a girl with blonde hair standing on my opposite.I have to say she doesn't look that bad herself....

Cláudia's Pov

I was searching for the adress, when I saw the house where I heard a few days ago shouting people and well, that was the adress.To be honest I was afraid.I rang the bell and a tall,handsome man with black hair was standing in front of me.When I looked more presice, I realised that it was the boy. I mean THE BOY.And damn it he looks hot..Wai-wai-wait a minute.Did I just called him hot? Oh gosh that cannot happen.After about 10 minutes of silence I decided to speek."Welllll,I am Cláudia" he gave me a pokerface and let me in.Weird."Which are your worst subjects?" But he didn't answer instead he took a bootle ?Wodka? out and began to smoke.I watched him silently how he inhalted the smoke.He also took a sip wodka in between.I collected myself and got to him.I just sat next to him and were silent.Then I heard him for the first time speaking."Why are you not shouting at me?" His voice was cracky and there wasn't at least a bit of emotions."Why should I?" Again.There was this silence again."Because....everybody does" "Where are your parents? Did you even told them about this? " "My step parents are on a buseniss trip and my real parents" he just stopped saying anything."I think I better go now" I said before leaving the building and rushing to my house.

Sorry that I havn't updated anything.The thing is I was to interisted at the world-cup and ya😂Now I will update least more than before.We have here almost midnight and I havn't done my homework yet😂And I was bored so😂I have a problem with my mind😂Because when I write a story..then I want to make a new when I am at the middle from another story😂Hope ya enjoyed this little update.See ya soon.

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