Chapter 32

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(A/N: I'm looking for a girls name to use as a girl who Sky meets later on in the story so comment your name and I'll pick one of them! Thanks x)

We ride on 5 more rides until Jack J declares it's time for lunch.

"Shoot. I forgot my money." I say hitting my forehead with the palm of my hand.

"You really think that we are gonna let you pay on your birthday?" Jack G laughs. I smile appreciatively.

I follow them to Wascal's restaurant- My favourite.

"This is my favourite place to eat!" Jack Johnson exclaims. The boys and I agree and order our food. I order chicken strips and fries and wolf down the entire thing.

"Oh my god, I've never had anything as delicious as this!" I say, leaning back in my chair "If I die today at least I will have had the best meal of my life!"

"Sky" Taylor hisses

"I'm joking Tay, I'm having too much fun to even think about that." I sit up in my chair and finish my food "I may have to eat this for the rest of my life, I never want to eat anything other than this, again." I watch as Matt stands up quickly, pulling out his phone and walks outside. A few seconds later, he returns and sits back down. I shrug it off and listen to what Taylor is telling me.

"When we get back, you have 15 minutes to get ready. Get dressed up but don't wear shoes." I raise my eyebrow but don't question it. He's a man with a plan and I don't want to get in the way of that. "You all know the plan right?" He asks the rest of them. They nod and we get up.

"Lets go on a gentle ride" Hayes suggests

"Why is Hayesboo scared of the big roller coasters?" Nash teases

"Shut up Nash" I interject, before Hayes lashes out again. "Hayes is right. Anyway, it takes a big man to admit he's afraid of something." I wink at Hayes and lead the way to 'Roaring Rapids" which seats 12. Perfect. We all scream whilst getting drenched.

We ride loads of rides until a voice over says that the park is shutting in 5 minutes. It seems as though everyone in the park is leaving at the same time as us. Its all mainly 25+ year olds, so no one knows who the boys are. I lose myself in the crowd and begin to panic, I have no clue where I am going.

I feel a hand grasp tightly around mine.

"Guys, I've got her!" Matt shouts above the crowd "Hey stranger"

"Oh my gosh, I-"

"No need to thank me" He winks "Just looking out for you. We all are"

"Thanks" I smile. I realize that he's still holding my hand even through the crowd has dispersed and it's just Matt and I in the parking lot. We reach the car in a few minutes and we climb in. Aaron is no longer in there, he must have got in the other car. Matt and Shawn sit next to each other. I sense the tension, they've both been with the same girl- who could blame them?


"15 minutes" Taylor reminds me as he pulls up to my house. We all jump out and he makes his way to his own house to get ready. I throw open the front door and run up the stairs taking them 2 at a time for added speed.

I let my hair out of it's ponytail and turn on my straightener again- my hair frizzed up on the water rides. I search through my wardrobe to find something to wear. No shoes. That means that my feet will either get wet or dirty, which also means I shouldn't wear a long skirt or trousers ,and If they're getting wet that means the beach or a swimming pool and beaches are windy so I guess not a shorter skirt either. I should be a detective.

I finally decide on my white shorts and a white blouse with panels on it. I straighten my hair again and tie a hot pink bandana around my head, keeping my hair out of my eyes. I've got to represent a bit of Taylor's livelihood haven't I? I walk downstairs to see the boys all lined up by the door, all holding a red rose each and all wearing suits with the trouser legs turned up to above the knee. I laugh at how they all tried but still rolled up the trouser legs.

Then it hits me. They all held red roses at magcon. Because of Matt. I really hope he isn't going to do anything like last time. I don't want this perfect day to be ruined. I hear a cough behind me, I turn around to look see Amy trying to get past me as I stand on the bottom step. She looks gorgeous as usual. I step out the way to see each boy look Amy up and down, open mouthed. Surprise surprise, she's the centre of attention. She couldn't even let me be it on my birthday. Matt shakes his head and walks towards me.

"Sky" He holds his hand out, like when a prince asks the princess to dance. "You look absolutely stunning" I take his hand and he helps me step down onto the ground. Even though I'm completely capable of doing it myself, it was a nice gesture anyway. He leads me to the car. I wait for the car to be unlocked before climbing in. Matt climbs in beside me, behind the wheel.

"Are you sure Taylor is okay with you driving his baby?" I tease.

"He trusts me" Matt smirks.

"Where is everyone?"

"They're making their own way there" He explains, I nod in acceptance and he pulls out of the driveway. He turns the opposite direction of the beach.

"Where are we going?"

"Wait and you'll find out" He laughs as if what I asked was funny.

"Matthew Lee Espinosa. You're not kidnapping me are you?" I laugh awkwardly


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