Chapter 25 - healthy ?

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POV Ethan


Grayson and I filmed the entire day and I'm so tired right now.
We will film tomorrow as well because we have not even finished yet, this video is taking forever.
But I think it's gonna be a great video.
It has been a long time since Grayson and I absolutely felt extremely proud of a video, recently we have been so inspired and creative and that makes me in a good mood.
Or maybe it's the fact that we are in a good mood that makes us more creative and inspired, I don't know.


I can't wait to see Mao.
I'm eating with Grayson and James and I can't stop checking my phone to see if she texted.
She told me she had things to do with her dad and that she'll go have her nails done.
She also told me she'll call me after that so I can go pick her up and go hang out with her at her fathers boat.
I hope her appointment at the hospital went well, I know she always feels sick after those.


When Mao finally texted I went straight to my car and drove to the nail salon.
It was 20 minutes away from my house so I drove fast to be there in les than 15.
I shouldn't do that...
But I can't help it.
The thing is, I wanted to be there the fastest possible, but Siri doesn't, she kept telling me to turn right when it was fucking left and I end up looking my for that salon for almost 8295 hours before I finally saw Mao.
She was waiting in front of the salon, admiring her nails.
And she is so precious right now, I can't help but stare.
I stopped the car in front of her and she get in quickly.
Once she closed the door I started the car and drove away.

"Let me see your nails." I said.
She proudly put her hand up, her nails where painted in a a dark blue color and it was making a perfect contrast with her pale skin.
It was absolutely beautiful.
"I love it." I told her.
I quickly turned my head to see her reaction to my comment, because I don't want to loose any opportunity to see her smile.
"Thank you." She said, blushing.
I smiled.
"You look healthier," I said, after a moment.
She actually did, she wasn't as pale as usual, she had no dark circles under her eyes, and I don't know, she looked different.
More happy maybe.
"I feel healthier." She confessed.
I smiled.
Maybe her treatment finally worked.
Maybe she is on her way to recovery and she'll no longer have to go to the hospital.
I'm so happy right now.


"And we're here !" I said, stopping the car near the harbor.
We stepped out of the car and slowly we made our way to the boat.
Mao was the first one to get in, because she had the keys and I followed her.
She started the boat and we left...

It was dark, the sun was far gone and we could only see the reflection of the stars and the moon on the water.
Mångata, Grayson would say.


"It's so beautiful" Mao said once she got out of the cabin.
I nodded.
She was staring at the expanse of water in front of her. And I was staring at her.
I took her hand in mind and she didn't took it away.
I slowly put my arm around her and she hugged me back.
I closed my eyes.
It was perfect.

Mao was drawing invisible things with her fingers on my back and that felt good.
"Ethan ?" Mao called me with her beautiful voice.
"Yes ?"
She seemed hesitant.
"What are we ?" She asked me.
I smiled again her hair.
"We can be whatever you want, Mao."
She nodded against my chest.

"I want to be with you." Mao murmured.

And that's it.

What she said, I didn't knew how much importance that would have for me before she said it, but now, it's like I'm not alone anymore.
It's like all the questions, all the stress, all the fear and insecurities just despaired.
I can breathe.
I finally can breathe, I'm not drowning anymore.

She put me out of the water.

"Me too." I murmured back.
She didn't said anything for a few seconds, and all we could hear was the sound of the waves.

"Okay." She finally said.
"Okay ?"
"Okay then."
She laughed, sending vibrations through my whole body.
And we stayed like that, in a hug, for at least half an hour.


After a moment I started to feel cold and I knew Mao were too.
"We should go back. Do you want to go to the warehouse ?" I asked her.
She then went to the cabin and slowly we got back to the harbor.
I was watching her maneuvering the boat this whole time. Thinking that I would never ever dream of being somewhere else right now.
Thinking that this girl was everything I wanted.

She might not be perfect for everyone, but she is for me.

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