Long Live The Queen.

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"The Queen is dead."

The Queen is dead. The Queen is dead. The Queen is dead. The words played in my head over and over. I felt my eyes fill with tears. I felt my heart breaking slowly into two jagged pieces. The Queen is dead.

My Mate is dead.

My mind was running a mile a minute. My Mate is dead? She's....gone.

"How?" My heart needed to know the answer.

The elder in front of me ignored me as he turned to return to his seat. His lack of compliance struck a nerve in me. My eyes stopped tearing. I could hear people whispering around the room but the words were no longer clear. My friends, along with the rest of the surrounding vampires became out of focus. My heart beat grew rapid and my hands balled into fist as my eyes burned red. I had never felt anger like this.

"Do not turn away from me! What happened to her!" I screamed as I grabbed him by the arm and spun him to face me. He looked into my eyes with amusement which only heighten my anger.

"Your trial has begun." The elder stated as he waved his hand to the guards.

One of the stepped forward. I didn't want to fight. Not anymore. All I wanted was Kaitlyn and she was stripped away from my life. Just like everyone else I have ever loved.

"Hopefully you last longer than the Queen. What a waste of a fight." He mocked.

The was it. All of my sorrow disappeared in an instant. In front of me was the vampire who took Kaitlyn from me. Fear was ripped from my body. I lunged at him.

He was unbelievably strong. His arms stopped me mid air and the threw me down with unthinkable force. The brute didn't stay after he threw me to the ground. As I was getting up a felt a good slam down on my back. My check collided with the ground.

"Just like your Mate. Weak." The guard insulted.

I stood up as the rage boiled through my body. There was no pain there was nothing but pure anger. Everything went red when he lunged at me. I watched him as he flew through the air in slow motion. As his body came within arms reach I grabbed him, turned and threw him passed me into the spectating vampires.

He stood quickly and stared at me with wicked eyes before he ran at me again. My mind went into a defensive mode that I wasn't aware I had. I countered and countered until he was frustrated.

"At least the Queen hit back!" He shouted while running at me again.

This time I didn't move. I wanted him close. Just as I felt him touch me I grabbed his face and dug my thumbs into his eyes as we slammed down on the cold ground.

"AAHHHHHH!" The guard screamed in pain.

I wiggled out from under him as he swung his fist aimlessly into the air trying to hit me. He cursed and shouted in frustration.

"You killed my Mate you piece of shit!" My voice was demonic. I felt eyes peering at me from the room. The guard was now standing and listening to my movements as he attempted to find my location.

"Did she suffer? I questioned him.

When he didn't answer I ran behind him and grabbed his arm and ripped it from his body. He was going to suffer as she did.

"Answer me!" I yelled over his cries of pain.

The guard was to focused on the pain that plagued his body to speak coherently. I locked my hand in his long hair and presented him to the elders. They looked at me as if I was the devil.

"Don't kill him Lydia." Sams voice entered my mind.

I felt my face scrunch with anger as I shook off Sam's comment. He killed her!

"They want you to kill him do not let them win!" Sam's voice of reason caused me to hesitate.

"He killed her Sam. He did this to himself!"

"He followed orders Lydia. Even the Queen had to answer to them."

His words spoke truth. Sam was right.

"You had my Mate killed. Your Queen! She lead your kind with honor. She killed her friends for the sake of her throne. Saved my life. She saved many of your lives. She was kind, fair, and just and you betrayed her. I should kill him for his dishonoring her but I will not. Kaitlyn wouldn't fault him for following his elders. You're disgusting, all of you!"

I pushed the guard to the ground. He was defeated and broken but he will live. Killing him will not bring her back to me.

"Your life has been spared by the one you killed." I spat down at the fallen guard.

I turned my attention back to the elders. Some of them had their mouths hung open in utter shock while others seemed to be smiling. Fuck them. I walked towards my friends and tried to calm myself further. It didn't matter if I passed. All that mattered anymore was the fact the part of me was missing. I turned to the elders once more.

"Long live the Queen!" Jenna shouted. Others in the room shouted back in return.

"Long live the Queen!"

I saw the love many of them had for her as they shouted. My heart was broken. My life completely flipped upside down.

"My Queen, my Mate. I hope I made you proud. I hope where you are is peaceful and filled with love and happiness. Please know I love you. This life robbed me of the opportunity to tell you in person. I wanted more time but I will forever be grateful for the time we shared. I hope one day I can see you again in this world or another." I sent my thoughts to her knowing she wouldn't get them.

My eyes traveled the room. My heart pounded in my chest and although it seemed to be working fine, it was completely broken.

"May we meet again my Queen."

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