The Ember Island Players

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The curtains rises to reveal a set representative of the South Pole seas. Actress Katara, Actress Kida, and Actor Sokka are rowing their boat along. Sokka grabs our shoulder and points at himself then at the stage. The actress of Katara is an older more robust woman, while my actress is actually around my age.

"Sokka, my older brother. Kida, my dear younger sister. We constantly roam these icy South Pole seas, and yet never do we find anything fulfilling." Actress Katara said

"All I want it a full feeling in my stomach. I'm starving." Actor Sokka said

Actress Kida rolls her eyes. The audience laughs. Katara and Sokka's faces fall, I just shrug.

"You always talk about food." Actress Kida said

"Is food the only thing on your mind?" Actress Katara asked

"Well, I'm trying to get it out of my mind and into my mouth. I'm starving." Actor Sokka said

"This is pathetic. My jokes are way funnier than this. And why is Kida's actress so much better than mine or Katara's?" Sokka asked

"I guess because I meet more people than you did, and I was with people longer." I sad

"I think he's got you pegged." Toph said

"Every day, the world awaits a beacon to guide us, yet no one appears. Still, we cannot give up hope. For hope, is all we have. And we must never relinquish it, even...even to our dying breath." Actress Katara said over dramatically.

"Stop being so dramatic Katara. Your acting like the world is going to end." Actress Kida said

"Well, that's just silly. I don't sound like that." Katara said

"Yes you do." Sokka and I said

"Oh man! This writer's a genius." Toph said'

Actress Katara is slumped over the side of the canoe. An iridescent light suddenly appears from above and she turns her head upward. A model iceberg can be seen, the vague shadow of a figure visible from behind. The three actors stand up in the canoe.

"It appears to be someone frozen in ice, perhaps for a hundred years." Actress Katara said

"Bout who? Who is the boy in the iceberg?" Actor Sokka asked

"Stop talking and let's help him." Actress Kida said

I see Aang smile and lean forward in his seat. Actress Katara and Kida stand before the silhouetted figure, Actor Sokka hosting himself onto the propr.

"Ice Slice." Kida actress said

She performs a karate chop, mimicking waterbending. The silhouette disappears from view and the prop splits in half, sending forth a jet stream. An actress, mean to portray Aang, leaps up and poses, winking and with one hand on hip. The actress is visibly wearing a flesh-colored cap over her hair to portray herself as bald; the cap also bears the airbending mastery tattoo. She wears an excessive amount of blush on her cheeks and her overall physiognomy and demeanor clearly display her femininity. I look over at Aang to see him cringe in disbelief before leaning forward over the even more.

"Who are you, frozen boy?" Actress Katara asked

The Actress Aang laughs in a high pitch voice.

"I'm the Avatar, silly, here to spread hoy and fun." Actress Aang

She leans towards Actress Katara, laying a finger on her lips, and also motions toward Actor Sokka before upright and spreading her arms out in a cherry gesture.

"Wait, is that a woman playing me?" Aang asked

"Yes, yes it is." Sokka said

A crude, costumed-version of Appa suddenly bursts up from behind the quartet of actors, loud festival music starts to be played. The replica of Appa sways from side to side before leaping off the iceberg prop.

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