Chapter 11

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Assalamwalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Sameer's Pov

I turned around to see her standing there with wide eyes.
Her mouth slightly open.

As expected

I smirk at the thought. She was looking beautiful, just the way I saw her the first time. The dress really suits her and the hijab, I don't know but I never saw a girl hiding her hairs and beauty the way she hides.

I saw many girls in my life but no one attracted me the way she did. She has done a permanent damage to my heart.



Her voice pulled me back from my thoughts. She was really shocked and I can sense her nervousness.

But why is she nervous?

"Hello Miss Zoya. My name is Sameer. And I would like to welcome you to my company. Today onwards, you will be a part of this company". I said in my business tone. My voice was soft yet has held the authority in the voice.

She come back to her senses, and nodded slowly. "Assalamwalaikum Sir. Th—thank you so much——". She is damn nervous, I can make out that. Her voice is shaking, she wasn't able the meet my eyes while talking. And she was continuously scratching her wrist and palm.

Her salam took me off guard but I decided to reply anyway. "Walaikumsalam". I said slowly. "Miss Zoya, You are appointed as the senior accountant in this company your work schedule will be on your table in next 20 minutes. Your cabin will be one doors away in the left from my cabin". She nodded as an acknowledgement that she was listening, but it was irritating me that she wasn't looking at me. I want to see her beautiful eyes, I want to look back in her eyes.

"And, one important thing—".I was continuously observing her. It seems as if she wants to say something but couldn't see."—I expect you to look at me while I'm specking to you". I said in a hard tone. She immediately looked at me but nodded. "Yes sir".

"Good, you may leave now". She turned to leave but stopped. I give her a confused look. "Thank you so much". She said in her soft voice with so much of sincerity.

I know exactly what she was talking about but she don't have to thank me. It was my responsibility to save her. "For what Miss Zoya?". I want to listen from her mouth even if I know the reason.

"For—— for saving me that day". She said and I smiled a little. "You don't have to thank me. It was my responsibility to save you".


Shit... Sameer. What are you saying? Control your tongue damn it.

"How it was your responsibility to save me?". She narrowed her eyes at me as she waited for an explanation.

Now what should I say?

"Because that was one of the malls that I own. And—— As an owner, it was my responsibility to see everyone gets out safely". I said hoping she would believe me. Her eyes widen but she instantly looked down and nodded slowly.

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