20- Talking to Ethan

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Ethan spoke sarcastically to Antonio, when he saw the two kissing, and when he saw the flowers sitting on the counter.

Sadie and Antonio turned to look at Ethan, both looking at him shocked, more so Sadie, she took a step away from Antonio, wiping her lips with her thumb "What didn't take that long?" Antonio replied to his remark, smirking. He knew they were caught, and he didn't care.

"You getting Sadie flowers, which by the way are really nice. I also thought I just saw a heated kiss there." Ethan says, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, you're right I did share a kiss with her and enjoyed it, am I not allowed to?" Antonio questioned, sounding bitter.

"That's fine and all, but what about Harlow?"

"Harlow? Seriously Ethan?" Antonio angrily questioned, placing his hands on his hips.

Sadie began feeling uncomfortable and started to leave the kitchen not wanting to witness a fight between them. She turned to look at the two "I'm going to go check on the girls, please behave yourselves."

Antonio waited to speak to Ethan, once Sadie was gone, away from the kitchen "Ethan, don't ever think I stopped loving your sister. I'm still very much in love with her, just as much as if she were still here. My love for her will never change.... you don't think that I miss her? You're very wrong if you're thinking that I don't love her, or have forgotten about her." Antonio says, pointing his finger at him. He noticed Ethan had a small smirk on his face, and it got him even more hot.

"What the hell is that smirk for?"

"Nothing, I was just seeing what you would say is all. Sadie said you were taking the girls to go see Harlow, I was actually on my way to visit her too, that's why I stopped here. What would you say if we all just went there together?"

As much as Antonio wanted to go alone with the girls, out of respect for Harlow he agreed. "We can do that, just don't ever question me about Harlow like that ever again."

Antonio walked out of the kitchen, still wanting to punch him in the face "I'll go get the girls and then we can leave." He says, leaving Ethan at the breakfast bar.

The girls were having a tea party in their room with Sadie, Gabriella stopped playing and gave Sadie a serious look "Sadie? Can we call you mom?"

Antonio was walking in the room when Gabriella asked Sadie the question, and stopped when he heard her question that again.

Sadie didn't know what to say, she picked up Gabriella and set her on her lap, giving her a hug "You can call me whatever you want." She smiled at her, she couldn't tell her no, but didn't want to say yes either, worried about what Antonio would say.

Gabriella smiled wide "I'm going to call you mommy."

"Me too." Isabella says, sitting on Sadie's lap, next to Gabriella.

Sadie hugged the two of them tightly "Just remember who your real mommy is, you don't want to ever forget her, she loved you two girls a lot."

Antonio's heart dropped and his mind was going all over the place, feeling all kinds of mixed emotions, he still never responded to that question when he was asked by Gabriella "Hey girls, are you ready to go visit mom?"

They stood up from Sadie's lap and ran over to Antonio "Yes, can we go now?" Isabella asked. He looked over at Sadie and whispered thank you to her "Go get your shoes on." He says to the girls.

"We need to grab our gifts that we made for her." Isabella says.

"I'll go grab them." Sadie tells the girls, following them out of the room. Antonio stopped her, turning her to face him.

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