Chapter 31

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-Sky's POV-

When I wake up everyone has already disappeared. I stumble up the stairs and squint at my wardrobe. I pull out some hot pink denim shorts and a white lacy top with my white flip flops. I jump in the shower and get ready for the day ahead. I straighten my hair and tie it into a high ponytail. I get changed and hear a beep of a horn outside. I rush downstairs, slamming the front door behind me and climbing into the black range rover in front of me.

I smile when I see Taylor driving with Shawn, Hayes, Nash, Cameron and Aaron in the back.

"Hey, you look nice" Taylor beams.

"Not so bad yourself" I wink, turning on the radio. We all sing out of tune to each song that blasts through the car.

About 30 minutes later Hayes leans throught the gap in the seats handing me a bandana. He gestures for me to cover my eyes with it.

"I'm going to need you to put this on" He smirks. I accept and tie it around my eyes. About 10 minutes later, I am being lead out of the car and walking into the unknown. No one talks but I sense Taylor holding my hand on one side and Nash holding the other steering me. Suddenly I hear the voices of Jack, Jack, Matt, Amy and Carter. Someone must have said something because they all stop talking at once. I am spun 180 degrees and the blind fold is removed.

I stare up at a 3,602ft rollercoster. I am deafened by screams and excitement builds up inside of me. I decide to tease the boys.

"I am NOT going on that!" I say crossing my arms "Why the hell would you bring me here? I hate rollercosters" I look at Taylor and Nash who stare at eachother awkwardly. I see Matt out of the corner of my eye, he looks like he's just seen a ghost. "Guys. I'm kidding! I love rollercoaters!"

Taylor glares at me before picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. I try to make out where we are whilst being upside down. It's not busy at all, there's maybe 100 people here at most?

"Tay? Where are we?" I say as he puts me down. I take a second to adjust to my surroundings and I realise that we are queueing for the ride I had been staring at not 2 minutes before.

"Welcome to Six Flags Sky" He explains

"Oh my god. THE SIX FLAGS?" I'd always dreamed of going but Amy was always too scared and I didn't really have any other friends to go with in California.


"Thank you thank you thank you" I squeal

"Hey, don't thank me!" I tilt my head to the side, looking up at him, confused. "Thank Matt, this was his idea, he told me that you loved rollercoasters. I just made it happen."

I turn to look at Matt. I'm too excited to remember my hatred for him right now. I run over to him and wrap my arms around his neck, jumping up and down.

"Thank you!"

"Anything for you Sky" He smiles. I let go and smile at him just as we are called to board the ride.

"Welcome to Tatsu! I hear it's your birthday!" The boy on the gate says to me. "Happy Birthday"

"Thank you so much!" I say. This really is the pick me up I needed. I don't know what's been wrong with me recently. I need to make it up to them somehow.

We get on the ride. I sit next to Taylor and Hayes, Nash sits on the other side of Hayes. We shoot off and get to a speed of 72mph. Hayes screams his head off and grabs my hand.

"HAYES IT'S ALRIGHT!" I scream over the noise of wind whipping in my ears.

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" He screams back. Sometimes I forget that he's 13. He seems so grown up. It's a shame really, he's had to grow up so quickly all of a sudden. I'm glad he's had this chance to enjoy himself. Thousands of people depend on him, he's saved their lives. He saved my life.

When the ride finishes, the safety belt comes up and we hop out, Hayes still holds my hand, wiping away tears with the other.

"Hayes is such a baby!" Nash chimes

"Hayes is a baby! Hayes is a baby!" Cameron adds.

"Shut up" Hayes shouts, punching Nash in the stomach.

"Hayes!" I say pulling him back

"I'm not a baby. I'm a man. I can take care of my self" He storms off. I look at Nash who is doubled over in pain and then run after Hayes. I call his name after him but he doesnt stop.

"Hayes! Wait!" I say finally catching up with him. I throw myself in front of him so he has to stop. "What's really the matter? I know it's not just because of what Nash said"

He pulls me over to a nearby bench and sits me down.

"It's just that, I haven't achieved much in my life. It makes me feel like a baby"

"You're joking right? You've got over a million followers who love you. You're famous and you say you haven't achieved much in your life?"

"Only because I've been sponging off of Nash's fame" He hangs his head in shame.

"No you haven't. Nash just gave you the little push you needed. Those people love you for you. Not because of Nash and you are not a baby."

"I am. Nash is always right. I wasn't man enough to keep you was I?"

"That's because Matt bullied you into breaking up with me"

"I guess"

"You're amazing Hayes, you're gonna find a girl who you will want to spend every single moment with. That's not me. You know what? I'll be right here when you need me"

"Thanks Sky, you're a great person."

"Just call me Saint Skylar" I laugh, making him laugh too. "Come on, they'll be wondering where we are, Nash will be worried about you. Hey, I'll even let you pick the next ride."

(A/N: Hi guys! Sorry it's been a while- I was on the plane for a while but I'm now in Orlando, Florida with wifi so woo!!)

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