" ohhh i love twins " I told her. " Really? I'll introduce you to them later!!" She said. I nodded my head as we arrived at our school. We got off the bike and I parked it.
" Lex, You do know that your friends are screaming your name, right?" I told her as i pointed to her friends table. " Yeah..." She said. "Well I do think that they want you to sit with them." I told her. " Nahh i'd rather sit with your friends, If that's ok??" She said while playing with her hair nervously. Aww she's nervous that i'll say no. How could i say no to this cute face!!!

" Yeah absolutely. " I answered her as we walked side by side to the table. I sat down on the table next to Brooke as i pulled Alexis beside me. " Hey guys " I greeted them as they all said " Hi" back. " Well well well nice to see you joining us today, Alexis." Lucas said to Alexis while winking at her. " Yeah you're guys are way better than my so called 'friends '. " Alexis said glancing at her friends table. " Why though?? Haven't they been by your side since day one??" I asked Alexis curiously.

" There're just fake friends. They don't really want to be my friends. They just want me to hang out with them." She said sadly. " Aww babyyy. Don't worry about them. We're your friends now , Right guys?" I said hugging her. They all nodded their heads and smiled. " Oh so Alexis is your 'baby' now huh, Jane??" Lucas said smirking at me. Shit did i really call her baby???. " Oh shush I called her that unintentionally!!" I exclaimed to Lucas. " Sure honey suuure." Lucas said still smirking at me. Ugh that boy!! " ITS TRUE" I screamed at him frustratedly. He just laughed at me and started talking to Alexis.

" There's this one time where we had a sleepover at my house and jane had this massive crush on my older sister, Scarlett.
And she just would stutter whenever Scarlett would talk to her. So Brooke and I went to Scarlett and told her. She laughed and kissed jane on the cheek and jane just froze for like a whole minute. And when she realized that Scarlett kissed her on the cheek, She immediately turned around and said " I-i need to go t-to the b-bathroom." Lucas said imitating a high pitched voice. " That doesn't even sound like me..." I cut him off ,Rolling my eyes.

He gave me a look and continued." Jane went home straight afterwards and didn't talk to us for the whole night. But we did apologize to her the next day and she forgave us. But it was absolutely funny and Jane always gets quite when Scarlett is around." Lucas said chuckling. " It's not funny!! I was so embarrassed. I literally didn't visit them until I made sure that Scarlett isn't home." I said while i pouted my lips. I heard Brooke and Alexis aww at me.

" I bet you still have a crush on her!!" Lucas said. " I DO NOT!!" I screamed loudly at him. " Prove it then.She's coming home from college on friday and I dare you to come to my house and hang out with her!!!" He challenged me while smirking evilly. " Pfff easy. I'll be there." I said confidently. " We'll see..." Lucas said creepily. Wtf is wrong with this boy?? The bell ringed as we all headed inside the school. Going to our lockers and getting our stuff to start classes. The day passed by normally. Alexis even sat with us on lunch too.

The last bell ringed and Me and Alexis walked to my bike. We arrived at our houses and I said goodbye to Alexis and went to my house. " Mom i'm home!!!" I yelled as soon as i entered our house. " I'm in the kitchen!!!" Mom yelled back. I went to the kitchen and I smiled at the sight. My mom was dancing around to the soft music playing from our speakers. Singing the lyrics out loud. Her voice was absolutely beautiful. She used to always sing me to sleep when i was a kid.

" I made chocolate chip cookies!!! Your favorites!!!" Mom said excitedly while a handing me a plate full of cookies. I took a bite as my mom waited for my reaction. " ITS AMAZING AS USUAL MOM!!" I told her while stuffing my face with more cookies.
" I see you still love cookies " Mom said chuckling. " How can i not??" I told my mom. She laughed and patted my head.
I ate my cookies and danced around with my mom. Laughing and joking around with each other. Ahh how i missed this. I sighed happily. After an hour of us just playing around. I told my mom that i need to go upstairs to do my homework. She nodded her head and told me that she's gonna make dinner.

I entered my room while smiling to myself.
I put on some music as i sat on my bed with my homework. Half an hour later I finally finished it. Then summertime sadness came on and I went to stand on my bed, Holding my hand in front of me imagining it was a microphone.
" I'm feelin' electric tonight
Cruisin' down the coast goin' 'bout 99
Got my bad baby by my heavenly side
I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight!!!"
I sang as I jumped on the floor. I went to my tall mirror and sang to my reflection on the mirror.

" Oh, my God, I feel it in the air
Telephone wires above are sizzlin' like a snare
Honey, I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere
Nothin' scares me anymore!!" I danced around as I sang loudly, Pointing to my self. I heard an angelic laugh and I turned around to face my window, which was open throughout the whole thing. " Nice preformance Jane!!!" She said , giggling a little. " Oh hehe sorry. I just love this song." I told her while scratching my neck, embarrassed that she witnessed the whole thing. " It's fine. Summertime sadness is a great song so i can't really blame you " She said.

" Oh you listen to Lana del ray too??" I said excitedly walking closer to my window. " Are you kidding me??? I love her!!! I even have all of her albums!!" She said while showing me the albums. " You just got even more perfect If that's even possible!!!" I told her without thinking. Shit jane seriously???!!. " U-uh umm thanks." She said nervously while blushing. " It's true. You're really are perfect." I said while blushing. Wtf is happening??. I can't even control what i'm saying!! " Oh stop it!! I'm not perfect..." She said turning even more red. " But you are the definition of perfection!!!" I told her. How could she think otherwise!!!.

" I'm nooot..." She said. " Yes you are!!! You are beautiful, kind , smart, thoughtful and just P. E. R. F. E.C.T!!!" I argued with her. I can't even find the right words to describe her!!. " You're too nice but thanks..." She said while blushing so hard. " I'm just saying the truth.." I smiled at her genuinely. She's so beautiful , The moonlight shined on her hair making it shine and her eyes to twinkle. She's breathtaking.
" Well I need to go shower.." Alexis said. " ok then see ya tomorrow, goodnight , lex!!" I said as i waved lightly at her. " Night , 'baby' " She said as she winked at me. " Oh reeeally now??" I told her while I crossed my arms, narrowing my eyes at her. She just laughed and went to close her window.

I shook my head at her as i went to close my window. I went downstairs to eat dinner with my mom. " So who's the girl you were talking to just now???" She said curiously. I chocked on my food, Not expecting her to ask this. " The girl next door??" I questioned her. " Yeah, I heard you talking to her for the last few nights." She said wiggling her eyebrows. " Her name's Alexis and we are friends, I guess?" I told my mom. " You guess?? aww Does my little baby has a crush?!!" She said while smirking at me and squeezing my cheeks. I chocked again on my food.

" Jesus jane I know you're gay. I've known it before you even figured it out." Mom said while smiling at me. " A-and you're o-okay with it???" I questioned her nervously. " Of course honey. You love who you love!!" She said, smiling warmly at me. " Thanks mom. I love you " I said as i got up and hugged her. " I love you too,baby" She said hugging me back. I'm really glad that she's okay with this. We sat back down at the table. " So tell me about Alexis. " She said. I told her about Alexis and how we started to hang out. She listened and smiled at me through the whole time.

" It seems like you really like this girl " She said smiling at me. " I do , I really do" I told my mom. I ate dinner and went upstairs to bed, Singing softly. I brushed my teeth and got under my covers. I smiled to myself as i slowly went to sleep.

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