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Stupid school, I thought to myself as i turned off my annoying alarm. One day jane, just one day left for the weekend. I sat up on my bed. " Nahhh" I mumbled to myself as i layed back down on my bed. Five more minutes won't hurt. Before I could even close my eyes, My alarm went off again. " UGH IM GONNA FUCKING END YOU" I screamed at it as i hit the alarm with my hands, sending it flying to the ground. I cringed at the loud noise. I groaned as i got up to pick it up, Only to land straight on my face. " OH FOR GODS SAKE!!" I screamed desperately, Not even bothering to get back up. I heard loud laughing behind me and a voice saying " Jesus jane are you okay??"

I quickly got up from the floor and raised my hand as i gave Alexis a thumbs up.
" IM OKAY!! IM ALIVE " I yelled while chuckling a little. She shaked her head at me while smiling. I walked to my window , Opening it. " Morning dork " She said to me. " Morning lex " I smiled at her widely.
" Lex huh? " She teased me. " Sorry it just came out. It's okay if you don't want me to call you by that I'll totally under-" I was cut of my rambling by Alexis saying " It's fine Jane ,besides Lex is adorable. " She assured me while chuckling a little. " Oh ok good " I said as I felt relief wash over me.

" Well I need to go get ready for the hell hole we call school " She said while rolling her eyes. " Yeah me too" I told her while smiling. I went to close my window as she screamed " WAIT". I opened it back again. " Yeah?" I said curiously. " Can you give me a ride to school today too?" She said while blushing a little. " Yeah sure. See you later" I told her. "See ya!!" She said back to me. I smiled as i went to close my window. I jumped up and down as i raised my fists in the air as I screamed " WOAH" I smiled to myself as I went to my bathroom. Things are finally starting to look up for me.

I went downstairs and saw my mom siting in the table with two plates full of food in front of her. I widened my eyes at the sight. Mom cooked breakfast??. Mom chuckled at my expression. " Morning honey. I made breakfast!!" She told me smiling, gesturing at the food. " Thanks Mom. Your cooking is waaay better than mine!!" I said while sitting down at the table." You're a great cook , Jane." She said while chuckling. " Hehe thanks. I learned from the best." I told her. " Aww thanks honey " she said while pinching my cheeks. We laughed,talked and ate breakfast.

Mom was a in happy mood today. She really deserves to be happy. I missed my old mom, The happy, cheerful kind. And today, she was back. And i was really glad that she is. I kissed my mom's forehead as i said goodbye. I went outside as i sat on my bike , waiting for Alexis. Their front door opened as Alexis stood outside on their porch with a little boy clinging on to her Legs. He looked like he was 4 years old." I need to go to school now, Louie" Alexis said softly to the little boy. " But I don't want you to leeeeave" The little boy said to Alexis in a small cute voice. " I know, But I promise i'll back before you know it."

She told him. " Promise? " He mumbled while raising his pinkie. " I promise Louie"
She said while intertwining her pinkie with his. He smiled a little at her. AWWW HOW ADORABLE IS THIS. She's so cute with kids. She would be a great mom to our kids. WTF JANE!!! STOP!!! WE'RE JUST 17!!. As if she'll ever feel the same. I slowly walked to them as Alexis rose her head to meet my eyes. She smiled at me and kneeled to be as the level as the little boy. " Louie, This is my friend Jane. Jane this is my little brother, Louie." She said. I smiled as i crouched down to his level.

" Hey there, Little guy" I said to him as i gave him a small wave. " Hi..." He said shyly while hiding behind Alexis legs. " You're so adorable!!" I told him. He blushed and shifted on his legs. " Well we need to go now before we get late" I told Alexis as I stood up. She nodded her head and said goodbye to her little brother. She closed their front door and we walked to my bike. We got on it and I started heading to school. " So do you have any siblings other than Louie? " I asked Alexis. " Yeah I have a 11 year old twin sisters called Madison and Maddie" She said.

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