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Titan was well known throughout south east London and beyond. His ‘fame’ rested on his actions but mostly hood tales. As a young man of 17 he could make men twice his age and size run for their whimper.

Or so it was said.

It started in the summer of 2009. Employment rate had hit an all-time low in Peckham, Titans mother and everyone else’s parents on the block had either lost this jobs, or had a low paying menial job.  From a young age Titan knew what he wanted from life. He didn’t want to be rich, he wanted to be wealthy.

He was never going to get the two confused, being rich to most people meant having family and health, and Titan wanted money. He knew that money was the root to all evil, but money was also the root to happiness. In his mind, to be happy was to have money. And why have a little when you can have a lot. Why not try to be wealthy?

Titan was well known, but he won his respect by almost knocking out Stryder.

Stryder was the 34 year old unbeaten ruler of Rye blocks. No-one hassled him. He was called Stryder because he would stride and everything the was left in his path. Stryder would normally never get into the messy business of fighting himself, but with Titan?

Titan didn’t say many words, he was a man of action, but when Titan did speak, people naturally stood to attention to listen to what he had to say.

Leaving school with only one GCE’S,  and not taking his education any further, Titan was a hard hitting sharp talking young black youth. The day Stryder and Titan crossed paths was a day that would never be forgotten. It was on the top floor of the Pink Blocks, it just so happened that Titan had been walking past around the same time Stryder was leaving one of his many girlfriend’s flats.

Titan was so engrossed in his phone, he was in his own area, so he didn’t see the need to be aware of what was around him, and Titan had grew up, he could walk around with his eye closed and still get to his destination.

Stryder saw him walking from a distance. The thing about Stryder was, his ego was heavenly high.

He didn’t demand respect, he expected it.

He kept walking, but moved a little to the right making sure that when he and Titan did walk past each other, they would bum pinto each other, and surely they did.

He bumped into Titan, wanting to see his reaction. He had seen Titan around, but had thought nothing about it. He was a regular to buy weed from one of his seller, but that was as far as it went. Titan moved back slightly from the impact. He looked up at Stryder kissed his teeth and kept walking. Stryder held him back with ease with one hand, pulling Titan back.  Stryder looked at Titan who looked at Stryder with disbelief. Titan had been in fights, but he had never been disrespected like this like this.

Holding Titan back? Titan knew fully well who he was but he didn’t care. He viewed all humans on the same level. He would happy slap the Queen if she stepped out of line.

Both men were surprised. It was a new experience for both of them.

‘’Get your hands of me don.’’ Titan said. He could with ease control his anger, he just chose not to.

‘’Didn’t your mother ever tell you to respect your elders?’’

‘’I don’t give you my respect. You earn it.’’ Titan spat back looking Stryder up and down in disgust.

With that Stryder backhanded Titan. He was both angry and interested with Titan. No one had ever spoken back to him, the reply that Titan had given him was something that he liked; it was the same rule that Stryder lived his own life by. But even though he liked his reply, he wasn’t going to get away with it.

It was in this man, that fight, that altercation, which had brought Titan to where he was now. Even though Stryder had won the fight, Titan had won Stryder’s respect, no man had ever hit back at Stryder and he liked that. He took him under his wing, treated him like a son and farther that neither of them had.

Titan was a man or little words, but he knew in his heart that he loved Stryder, though never man ever revealed this to the other.

But 3 years later, a lot had changed. A man with great success had great enemies. Not only the police, but jealous and envy and just pure competition saw the end of Stryder. People said that the police shot him because he was making too much money and committing to many crimes for their liking, some people say that his girlfriend shot him because he caught her cheating. But his circle knew the truth.

Now Titan, no longer a boy, a man of 21, his life had come to a cross roads. He looked down at his adopted fathers freshly laid grave. He didn’t say a word, just nodded, planning out revenge on whoever had shot Stryder 9 times in the face.

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