Chapter 2

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A/N- Hi everyone :) I'm a new fandom writer for Seaycee and so you know the manips (the picture above) is something I actually made, so if you use it for your page, that's okay as long as I get the credit. I work extra hard to write and make these pictures and I would like to have the credit for what I do. But thank you for taking your time to read this story. Feedback is very appreciated to what I write, thank youu: -LuminousSeaycee.

Sean's POV
After class, I decided to go with Kaycee, Will, Janelle, Julian, and Chloe to get food. We ended up walking around the Grove after.

"So why did you decide to do the partner thing?" I asked Will and he put his arm around me. Will was a father figure to me. He was an inspiration, the person who picked me up when I was going to give up. And now, I was teaching classes all around the world.

"Well, because I want people to find a purpose. Do you know why I paired you up with Kaycee?"

"No, not really." I shrugged and scratched the back of my head.

"Hey, Bub. I'm going to a shop with the girls and Julian." Janelle told Will and pecked his lips.

"Okay, we'll be out here for awhile." Will smiled at her and waved goodbye, I did the same. "I was going to say your purpose, but that's mine. You have to find yours with Kaycee. I say you and her should start today, it's gonna be a long journey." He released me from his arm, and I nodded as I sat on a bench.
" You're not coming in?"

", I'm gonna think for awhile." I replied and he nodded as he patted my head. Will had walked away and I leaned my head back. "Byeeeee." I beamed at Will and he laughed.

"Bye Lewser." Will had yelled and I heard him regroup with the rest. I tilted my head back forward , continuing to think to myself.

Why was I paired with Kaycee?

My eyes were covered by a pair of hands and I immediately knew it was.

"Hi Seannnnn." Kaycee had said, as if she were a man.

"Hi Kayceeee." I replied in my attempted girl voice. She laughed hard and wrapped her arms around my neck as she stood behind me. I immediately flushed a light red and I let out a nervous laugh. She released me from her hug and I look at her. "You're really pretty." I said, not knowing it was loud.

"What?" She stood in front of me and she crossed her arms. She was shocked at what I said.

Oh, fuck. Say something Sean, say something. God!? What the hell.

"Sorry, thinking out loud."


"Ah, the poster over there."I laughed and pointed at a poster of a model. I think I'm a fantastic liar, in my opinion.

"Oh, alright Mister, I was hoping you'd kinda compliment me." She smirked and I nudged her as she sat down beside me.

I looked at her for the first time. It wasn't look, it was a look. I realized that I liked her more than I thought. But, I couldn't. Not yet. Not now. Not ever.

"Sean?" She said, breaking the silence between us. " I think we should work on our dance today, I mean we didn't have a late class today, and I'm not doing anything." She turned her head toward me, and I looked at her surprised. "I mean- we don't have to right now if you don't want-"

"No-, yeah sure." I nodded repeatedly and grinned as I ran my hand through my hair. "Got any ideas?"

"I was thinking about a boundary between people?"

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