Chapter 30

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-Matt's POV-

Here's my plan. Today we are taking Sky to Six Flags (my idea), she's been in America 3 years and she hasn't been! How crazy is that? She loves rollercoatsers more than anything. Hopefully it will cheer her up a bit. Is it just me or has she been a bit down recently? Ever since she went in hospital it's as though she's completely changed. There's one thing that hasn't changed though. I know I want to be with her.

Anyway, back to the plan. I've spoken to Taylor, he wasn't sure about it but he eventually agreed. Sky loves poppies- says they remind her of her granddad. So I bought her some of those and the box set of Dance Moms. She's obsessed with it. Oh, and the new 5 Seconds of Summer album. Guess what? She loves them too.

You may think that I was too busy being a complete asshead but I was actually paying attention when she talked about what she liked. She also said that she has always wanted to eat in the sea. So thats what we are doing. I begged Taylor to let me plan this part of her birthday. I have to prove to her that I can be good to her.

You're probably thinking, how the hell can you eat in the sea? Well with Nash being 'mega-famous' he can make just about anything happen. Did you know that you can hire part of the beach to do whatever you want to do? Me either, until now.

We've arranged for someone to put a table on the shore of the beach, so its not right in the middle of the sea but you can still get your feet wet. Do you know how much it costs to put a table for 12 in the sea and hire a caterer for those 12 people? A lot. I just hope that she likes it.

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