Chapter 7 Panic Mode

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Chapter 7

The plane started to descend, then landed smoothly. Wow, Doncaster is so pretty! Zayn lives here? I grabbed my suitcase and exited the plane into the massive airport. I called Mum on my phone and left a voice mail, letting her know I had arrived safely. Where was I supposed to meet the driver?..Oh yeah, out front, but where? I saw a huge sign that said, "CLAUDETTE," on it. Ohhh, there. The driver took my suitcase and looked around for more. I shook my head. He nodded, and opened the door for me. He put away my suitcase in the trunk, and started up the car. We were off!


***Zayn's POV***

I paced around the room, a nervous wreck. Claud should be here in about 15 minutes. I haven't even talked to her in a good 2 years. What should I say? What will she say? Should I let the boys say anything? Oh, gosh, they've never even met! Duct tape? Especially for Louis. She doesn't care about carrots! Niall will probably try to take her luggage, and fall over. That would embarrass both of them. And what if Liam starts going over rules? Nobody even listens to his "No eating anywhere but the kitchen" rule, anyway. Or the "No playing in the stairs" one either. Or any of them, really... And what if Harry flirts with her?! Or any of them?! Especially Louis and Liam, since they have girlfriends! What if she fangirls? What if she doesn't? What if she's completely changed, and gone, like, goth or something? What if she hates the boys? What if the boys hate her? What if they like each other, and forget about me? What if she hates me? She has no idea how hard it is being in a world famous boy band! Management wouldn't let me come home, even though I begged. I went to visit when we played in West Yorkshire, but no one was home. Oh my God, what if she hates me?

"Dude!" Harry exclaimed, "You've been pacing around for the past half hour. Chill already! It'll be fine."

"What's so special about her, anyway?" Louis chimed in, putting his hand on Harry's shoulder, "Is she, like, really hot or something?"

Harry wiggled his eyebrows. Weird.

"She looks like me...uh, except a girl, I guess... So, yeah, she'd probably be considered pretty hot..." I said.

Harry and Louis started circling me, evaluating what I would look like as a girl, probably.

"LIAM!" Louis screamed.

"LIAM WE NEED YOU! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" Harry added helpfully.

Liam came running down the stairs, with Niall close behind. Niall was more curious than anything, whereas Liam was freaking out.

"What! What? What's the matter? Who got hurt? Who screamed? What? What?!" Liam was in serious panic mode.

"Oh, nothing," Louis said calmly.

"We were just wondering what you think Zayn would look like as a girl," Harry finished.

"You. Made. Me. Think. Some. One. Got. Hurt," Liam growled.

Niall was rolling on the floor laughing, and Harry and Louis were doubled over, dying.

"Not. FUNNY!" Liam turned and walked out.

"Yes it is!" Niall laughed, gradually calming down. He did a couple of yoga breaths, then slowly stood up. "Okay, ummm, Zayn as a girl, Zayn as a girl...hmm...," He made a face, "Oh, wait, my bad, I just pictured Harry!"

"Not funny!" Harry exclaimed.

"Um, yeah, it is!" Niall said, running away up the stairs.

Harry ran after him, with Louis behind him, screaming something about Superman and carrots. Huh?

Ooh, Liam's gonna be mad. They're running in the house!

I sighed and sat down on the couch.

Claud was gonna hate it here.

Speaking of her, the van pulled up in front of the flat. "Pull yourselves together people! Claudette's here!" I hollered. Here we go. 

Author's Note

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