A heated dance

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<3 Hello again. This is the PG13ish chapter of "A heated dance", you can find the mature chapter in the book "When death takes notice (mature chapters)".

I really hope that you have enjoyed the book so far ;) Fun fact: The cupcake scene from chapter 1 is inspired by a dream I once had, where I oogled a cute guy in a cafe as he made love to a piece of fruit with his mouth *flushes*. It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen, or ummm... not actually seen... since it was all just a deam XD. <3

The fingers entangled in my hair clutched my head in place as he invaded my mouth with his smooth tongue. His tongue teased against my own tongue, its every move designed to coax me into joining him in the heated dance. I rejected him flat out, my tongue refused to spar with the playful silky invader, my lips motionless as they recieved his heated kisses, my body frozen underneath his massive bulk. The only thing betraying me, revealing the lust burning in the pit of my stomach, was my laboured breathing. I could not seem to keep it under control, unlike the rest of my body.

His tongue slid out of my mouth as he leaned his head back, our heavy breaths mingling. I stared up into his dark penetrating gaze. The lust filling his eyes, chilled me to the bone as well as made my walls clench in anticipation. My mind and body ripped at each other because of the conflicting emotiones batteling inside of me. I wanted to beg him to stop what he was doing, to claw out his fucking eyes, but at the same time the sweet pulsing between my legs urged me to just give in to him, to let him claim me.

"Remember I told you that actions have consequences Iris?" His velvet voice made me catch my breath.

"That biting me would have consequences?" He purred next to my ear.

I paled, and pushed my hands against his hard abs, desperately trying to lift him off of me. It was a fruitless endeavor, I hadnt even been able to move his hulky body a single inch. He slowly lifted a mocking eye brow, his lips curved up in amusment.

"Sweet, sweet Iris. I am not going to let you run away. So just be a good little girl, and accept the ramifications bound to your previous actions. Spread your legs wide for me." He sang the last part, his velvet voice soft.

I clawed at his chest, but the soft points of my firngers did nothing to discurage him, it only made his grin grow wider.

"No.. Please... no.. no.. no.." I whimpered as I struggled against him, begging him to stop. This cant be happening, please no, please, please, please, just stop! I screamed the words inside my head, a huge contrast to the pitifull sounds leaving my lips.

He ignored my pleas, and placed his hands on the inside of my thighs, pushing them slowly apart, taking his sweet time as he rearranged himself between them. I felt sick to my stomach, as I fought against him with shaking hands. He reached for something on the bed, slightly above my head, my flailing arms hitting his torso did nothing to faze him. I panicked when I saw the black cuff in his hand, and aimed my right fist at his left eye. He caught my hand before I could even land the desperate punch, and shackled my wrist against the matress with the black fluffy cuff. He snatched my other hand and shackled it before I could even react. I was breathing hard and fast as I stared up at his frightening form.

"Calm down love. I dont want you to pass out before I get the chance to teach you all about the sweet ramifications which your wicked mouth has yet again produced." He hummed the words as his right hand cuped my face, his thumb stroking against my cheek. The gentleness in his eyes and touch was a stark contrast to the harshness of his words.

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