Chapter 7

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Beth's Pov:
I was making out with Holly, while we fingered each other. Master Chase was taking photos of us on the side, and we could hear him move and chuckle from time to time. Suddenly I felt a hand spank my ass, and Holly did as well.

"Stop what you are doing and stand up!" Master says.

"Yes Master." Me and Holly say, and obey our Master.

Master puts a small pink bra and panties on me, and the same with Holly, but instead of pink she has blue. Then Master puts a knee-length black skirt on me, with a pink half-top. I also have to wear my hair in a ponytail, long black stockings, with black flats that have pink bows on them. Holly was wearing a knee-length black skirt, a blue half-top with black stockings, along with matching black flats with blue butterflies on them. Her hair was done into a braid. Master was wearing black shorts, with a white shirt with the word Killer on it in red and a black leather jacket. He also had black, red and white converse on, and his hair was combed.

Master told us to follow him downstairs, in where the others were.

Chloe was wearing small red bra and panties, and Roxy was wearing the same, but mint green. Chloe was wearing blue denim shorts, and a pale red half-top with the word I am a fucking bitch, deal with it, along with black combat boots. Her hair was curled and left down. Roxy was wearing a black skirt with a mint green half-top, black stockings, along with matching black flats with little green vines along the top of both. Her hair was done in a high bun. Then Master Chase was wearing black shorts with a white shirt saying Fuck Jesus in dark blue, along with a black leather jacket. He was also wearing Black, blue and White converses, his hair also combed.

"Me and Chase are going to bring you out of the hypnosis. You will act like you remember getting ready together but not with us boys. You will think that we are all going out to lunch as friends. Holly and Roxy, you will act like your a couple, and are lesbians, while me and Beth are a couple, Chase and Chloe are a couple. Understand!" Master Luke explain.

"Yes Master." All of us girls say.

Master Luke snaps his fingers, and we all awaken.

Chloe's Pov:
"I can't wait to go. Wait, which cafe are we going to?" I ask, holding Chase's hand.

"Just the Little Sweets Cafe up the road. Everyone ready to head out?" Luke answers.

"Indeed. Well then, we should probably go before they cancel our reservation." Holly explains, holding hands with Roxy.

"Let's go!" Beth squeals, and we laugh at her excitment.

We all exited the house and get into Chase's 7 seater car. Roxy and Holly were in the back back, Luke and Beth in the back, while me and Chase in the front, Chase driving.

We made it to the cafe, and walked inside. Luke said something to the waiter, before the waiter brought us to a table.

"Here are your menus, I'll be back shortly to take your order." The waiter says, winking at me.

When he walked away, us girls made a disgusted face, making Luke and Chase chuckle at us. Chase and Luke ended up in a deep conversation about football, while us girls began talking about fashion and girl things.

"Wait, wait...Your sister wore pink, but blue makeup?" I ask Holly.

"Yep. And guess what I did!" Holly answers.

"What?" Me, Beth and Roxy all ask at the same time.

"I sat her down and basically ripped her face apart to get the makeup off. I redid her makeup to match her outfit, and walked out." Holly answers, and we all laughed.

"Are you all ready to order?" The same waiter from before, Kyle, asks.

"Girls!" Chase says, letting us order first.

"Me and Luke would like to share the, Kawaii Lunch, with a large cotton candy milshake to share please~" Beth says, ordering first, for her and Luke.

"Me and Holly would like the Love Heart Special to share, with a large chocolate milkshake to share please~" Roxy says, ordering for herself and for Holly.

"Me and Chase would like to get the Kawaii Lovers Special to share. For the drink we would like a large Kawaii Mystery drink to share please~" I say last, ordering for me and Chase.

"Is that all?" Kyle asks, writing it all down.

"Yes thanks..." Luke says, a little unhappy.

"Your meals will be ready shortly..." Kyle says, walking away.

I leaned on Chase and listened to the boys conversation. Soon I got up and said I was heading to the bathroom. As soon as I was in there, the waiter, Kyle, walked in and said something. After that I was mindless.

"You obey me. No one else. You will call me Master." Master says.

"Yes Master." I reply.

"Good slave. Now make-out with me." Master orders.

I obey.

I walk over to Master and begin making out with him. We continued for a while before we left through the back door. I followed Master to his car, and got in the back. Master also got into the back, as his driver took off.

"Take off your shirt and shorts." Master orders.

"Yes Master." I obey.

I took off my shirt and my shorts, leaving me in my bra and panties. Master spread my legs apart wide, and began to rub my clit.

"Moan darling~" Master says.

I obeyed Master and moaned. Master made me continue to moan until we arrived at his house. Master made me put his shirt on, and we walked inside the house.

Holly's Pov:
I rushed back to the others and told them what happened. They were all mad and shocked, that we ended up calling he police. I explained what I saw, and I even had a video to prove when they arrived.

Please be ok Chloe...

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