Chapter 22 - closer

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POV Ethan


Gray was the second one to go to bed. James went an hour ago because he have a big day tomorrow.

Gray is an heavy sleeper and absolutely loves to sleep.
For a long time I could relate, because I couldn't sleep for some reasons. But since I met Mao, I rest more often and I'm so thankful for that.
I needed it so much.

"I'm going to sleep as well," Bryant said.
"Okay man." I replied.
He smiled at me than at mao and made his way towards the guest room where James was sleeping.
I looked at Mao and she seemed tired.
"You want to sleep ?" I asked her.
"Yeah." She replied with a soft smile.
She is so beautiful.
"Ethan ?" She called me.
I was staring.
"Oh sorry, yeah, hmm, I'll go prepare my bed for you." I said.
"I can sleep in the couch, Ethan."
"What kind of person I am if I let my guests sleep in the couch while I'm comfortably sleeping in my bed ?" I said while making my way to my bedroom.
She follows me.

"You can sleep with me if you want." She said.
"It's okay, I can sleep in the couch, don't worry."
I'm so stupid. Jesus Ethan that was your chance and you act like that ?
What's your problem man ?
"We slept together before. So it's okay."
"Mao, I..." I started but she cut me off.
"You hate me, is this why ? I'm I disgusting you ?" She asked, pain in her eyes.
I couldn't believe my ears right now.
"No ! Mao ! What the fuck ? You're absolutely not disgusting me and I absolutely don't hate you !"
She looked down.
"You know what, fuck it. I'm sleeping with you." I mumbled.
"It's just, I sleep better when you're here..." She said.
I get closer to her.
"Never, ever, say that I hate you again. Mao, look at me." I asked her.
She looked at me and I got lost in her eyes.
"I wanted to be polite and offer you my bed. It was not to get away from you. And by the was, I sleep better with you as well."
She nodded with a smile while looking down.
"Come on," I started. "I'll let you change, take anything you want in my closet."
Then I got out of my room, closing my door shut.

I slowly leaned against it and slid to the floor.
I could hear Mao on the other side changing herself in my clothes. I bet she looks amazing in them even if my shirts probably looked like a dress on her.
Mao is not that small, but she is compared to me.
"You can come in." She said loud enough for me to hear her.
I got up and inter my bedroom. She was on my bed and she looked beautiful, as I expected.
I got to my closet and took off my shirt, leaving myself in the pair of shorts I was already wearing.
I turned off the lights and made my way to my bed.


We both laid down.
Surprisingly, it wasn't awkward between us. I'm not insecure.
Mao got closer to me and, at one point, I put her even closer by wrapping my arm around her.
She soon had her head on my chest and her hand was trasing circles on my bare shoulder.
"Goodnight." I murmured.
The I kissed her forehead.
And then her cheek.
And then for the first time her lips.
The were so soft and sweet.
I wish time could stop right now.


I don't know why I did that.
I just had to do it.
And I'm glad, because she kissed me back.
There was no urge, no fear, no awkwardness.
It was just me and her.
And that's all that matters.

God I'm so happy.

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