Chapter 21 - grayson

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POV Ethan


Obviously when James came to the house, Gray and I hadn't finished cleaning.
Actually we almost cleaned nothing.
And obviously Bryant and Mao didn't helped us when he almost killed us.
That was a good and normal day at the Dolan Twins house I would say.

Also, we ordered pizzas... Too much pizzas. And we played Fortnite.
Well, I played Fortnite, with Grayson at the begging, but when he lost for the 8161917 time, he quitted, and I played with James who by the way, is so much better at this.
Bryant and Mao talked this whole time, and I think they get along pretty well.
He showed her how to use a camera and how to take good pictures, and I was thinking that maybe Gray should also receive those advice.
I mean, not that I'm complaining to be the only one here to actually work for the Dolan Twins channel...

Just kidding, Gray is very useful.
I mean, he is, when he doesn't delete all the footage, or cuts me off every two seconds, or breaks the lens.
I'm glad he can't read my mind tho.
I'll be dead by now.
But honestly, no.
I don't know what I would do without Gray.
There is no way I would run a channel by myself or even buy a house by myself.
I could never go on a week without him. We tried and I was miserable.
The camera doesn't see everything, that video we posted about our week apart didn't show much.
I couldn't call him or text him to know if he was okay. And that killed me.
I couldn't sleep or eat well.
In my mind it was "Grayson, Grayson, Grayson."

That's scary.
That connection, I mean.
It's like nothing works when he is not with me. It's like I can never be happy.
And the more scary of all that, is that I'm starting to feel the same connection with Mao.
I was dead scared when she passed out in front of me mouth ago.
I couldn't leave her hospital room for a second because I was so scared to loose her.

I don't want to feel that.

I don't want to ever feel again the feelings I've felt when I was apart from Gray.
That's just too much.
But I can't help it.
I can't.
And I think Gray knows all that. I know because when I refused to leave Mao's room he didn't said anything, he understood.
He could have joined us the first time I went with Mao at her fathers boat, but he didn't because he wanted to let me be with her.

God I'm so thankful for him.

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