Chapter 20 - the perfect day

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The twins and Bryant came pick me up and we went to the neon pizzeria.
It has been a while since I hanged out with Bryant so it was a very great time.
As always, Grayson talked the whole time, telling me all about their trip and the meetings. And as always Ethan remained quiet, sometimes he would give me small smiles.

They tanned a lot and got more tattoos, they are seriously not going to have any part of their skin left to do more tattoos in like, 2 years if they continue like that...
But I love their tattoos and they are so beyond proud of them.

Bryant told me he took pictures of Australian models for a famous magazine and I'm so happy for him.
It was perfect.
The perfect day.
Even if James wasn't with us.
They are all happy, yet jet lagged but still so happy. And that's what matters.


Bryant shot the boys eating their pizza because Ethan said it would be a great Instagram picture, and after that, we all decided to go to the twins house to chill.
Ethan called James and told him that he could come as soon as he is free. Because right now James is filming with his brother for his channel so he couldn't come.

Our way to the twins house was silent.
Grayson was driving his car and Ethan was in the passenger sit, in charge of the music. Bryant was facetuning pictures on his phone and I was looking through the window.
It was so calm and for some reason, I couldn't stop smiling.


The twins house was huge and there was a lot of closets and cupboards. But somehow, as always, it was a mess.
Those boys definitely do not know the world cleaning.

"It not that bad !" Grayson exclaimed, offended.
"It looks like a pigsty Gray." Bryant said, shooting on a tee shirt that was on the floor.
"Yeah... I think they might not be wrong..." Ethan agreed, looking at his brother with a sorry look.
"James hates when the house is messy, maybe he..." He began.
"Who do you think you are ?" I cut him off. "You're gonna move your fat ass and clean your house young man." I said.
Grayson laughed.
"It's counts for you too." I told him.
Bryant clapped his hands.
"So we have ourselves a great program ! Mao and I are going to watch TV over there, and even maybe play fortnite at the occasion, and you guys are going to clean the house before James comes and kill the both of you."

And that's exactly what we did.

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