In Which the Children are Introduced

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"What?" Draco asked while looking at his wife, raising a brow.

"I want to name him Scorpius," Hermione answered, looking up into Draco's grey eyes, "after the constellation, and I just have this feeling that we should name him Scorpius but if you don't-"

Draco put a finger to her lips, smiling. "No no, Mia, Scorpius is a good name. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy," he grinned, bending down to kiss forehead of the baby in her arms.

Just as his lips met the soft skin, a cry was heard behind him. "Right," he whispered, turning around and gently picking up his baby girl.

"Lyra love, I was having a moment," he laughed, staring at the name plate on her hospital crib.

Lyra Mirage Anastasia Malfoy

"Good god your mother went all out didn't she," he said quietly, and to his dissapointment- Hermione heard him.

"Draco, I recall you as the one who came up with Mirage Anastasia," Hermione said while smiling sweetly.

Draco shook his head, walking back towards Hermione and wrapping an arm around her shoulder as he sat on the edge of her hospital bed. Seeing her hold their son, with the brightest smile, her hair as always in a messy frizz.. he never felt more in love.

End of Flashback

"Mia are you alright?" Draco asked, leaning against the doorframe to the kitchen as she stood in front of the counter. Her gaze was lost in the picture of their twins that hung on the wall. Coming behind her, he buried his face into her hair, wrapping his arms around her waist. 

She smiled in content. "Yeah, Draco, I was just.. remembering."

"You do that often," Draco replied. 

"9 years.."

"9 years of a beautiful marriage, Hermione," he mumbled drawing out her name sensually, still breathing in the scent of her hair. 

"Always sentimental," she grinned, and he was about to come up with some witty remark just as the doorbell rang. She jumped, and Draco released his hold of her. 

"That'll be them," she sighed as she went to open the door, her arms immediately wide to accept the children bursting through the door. First to enter were Harry and Ginny's children- James, Lily and Remus. James and Lily had already started Hogwarts, eager to tell their Aunt Hermione about the stuff they learned.  Remus was still the little one of the family, slipping quietly into the front parlor of Malfoy Manor.

"Remus, you'll get your time," Draco said to him, ruffling his hair. The two had a close relationship, seeing as the two eldest were the stereotypical Gryffindors. Remus was quiet and mischievous at times, and Draco understood him.

"Thanks Uncle," he replied, still frowning and looking down. 

"Honestly? what's exciting about going to school? Imagine all the quidditch time you'll get with me while they're gone," Draco added with a smirk. The brunette Potter immediately lit up, practically jumping up and down. Draco answered the unasked question in the boy's eyes, "Mia, I'll be on the grounds," he yelled across the room.

Hermione didn't need to think twice about what they were doing. 

After the children, entered the parents themselves. Although the greetings were short as Ron pulled up with his wife. With Hermione hastily responding to everyone, she eventually  got everyone to actually move into the manor and stop standing in the entryway. 

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