Part 1

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karan Khanna, a veteran actor and a superstar of his and this generation.. Ruling with the top actors he has his glamour life set.. But unstable in his personal life...

Divinity, the mansion on karan. 1 pm...

he layed like a lifeless being on the bed which was not new to the walls of his mansion but something actually stirred the routine of the atmosphere, some positive energy flowed everywhere

"You failed Mr.Khanna, you failed as a husband , you failed as a Father!"

the words echoed in the back of this head but subconscious of his mind heard a tingling sound making him jolt of this sleep ,when the tinkling sounds went clear and louder to his ear he wide opened his eyes and scanned his surroundings just to make sure that he was safe and not being experiencing paranormal activity!

the sounds continued and faded out but his aching head drifted his thoughts away... relaxing his eyes again to the brightness of the morning or to be precise noon he massaged his temple

he held his head in his hands and like wise moved around the table besides just to grope a lemonade drink as his servants keep daily and he found it there at the right place

sipping on to his drink he stopped mid way as the drink was different! it was not a remedy for his head but somehow for his aching heart!

it tasted different and delicious like neverbefore... he usually started his day saying cuss words to his chef who always messed around a simple lemonade and can't get it done correctly for his throbbing head

he sipped onto the drink more and sighed like a burden was off his shoulders

he slowly adjusted to the lights and looked around his room as the tinkling sound continued

finally as his system ran he registered the sounds to be someone's payal (leg bracelet) and he was sipping on a milk coffee!

who the hell is in his house now! he don't even have a female worker

maybe some of the workers wife he thought

and how the fu*k is he having a coffee? where was his lemonade?? but nevertheless he felt better

gulping down the last sip he felt refreshed after a long time...jumping off his bed like a enthusiast he walked past his bed towards the restroom dodging the not existing empty alcohol bottles

no empty bottles! wait a min... his room looked different! his drink was different! is he in his room! finally opening his sleep driven eyes he scanned his surrounding and himself he was a male... 6 ft tall.. dark and was having his clothes on he remembered from last night! the room had his photo so he was in his home only.. he sighed "how is it so clean?" he thought

"maybe the servants need a appraisal!" he chuckled

as soon as he entered his restroom he stood preplexed with the aroma he had! like the hundreds of costly air freshners couldnt do any justice to it

it felt different? it felt lively! how! just as he was getting blows after and after he registered that his room to felt the same but the shower was more affecting

he quickly washed his face and moved out while the tinkling sound continued not annoying him for some reasons

he sat on his table still holding his head in his hand... the pain soothed but not his thoughts

a hand from nowhere came insight and placed a plate on the table

"jee.. nashta!" her voice was barely audible but still soft

he attacked the food as his grumbling stomach reminded him... the food tasted absolutely delicious... aloo parantha .. his favorite... he wanted to praise and praise and just praise the cook for it and looked up just to lock eyes with the lady standing besides him.. she looked at him for a brief second and looked down immediately

her attire was simple as he noticed how she looked, a red bright sindoor shone on her parting a sacred black beads thread around her neck and her hands half filled with bangles

she walked away from him and he got the source of the sounds as the payal got its owner... it was her payal which were making this sweet sounds that soothed his aching heart!

"are you kishan's wife?" he asked if she was his servants wife

she stopped in her tracks taking a brief moment she turned around

"I am your wife!" she voiced and he felt the floor beneath him slip...
"you married me yesterday!" she reasoned and walked saying she'll get some more breakfast leaving a shocked karan behind him!

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