Chapter 29

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-Sky's POV-

It's my 16th birthday tomorrow and I'm surrounded by all the people I love most. But still I'm not happy. I know what will happen- We'll go to the beach or a Sky High centre and have a great time, then we'll go out for a meal and I'll order a salad or something and end up not eating it and then we'll have a movie marathon. That will be Taylor's surprise. He's so predictable.

Matt and Nash come back into the room. Nash slides back where he previously was and Matt looks slightly angry.

"What happened?" I ask quietly

"Nothing, just boys talk" Nash responds, looking at Matt and then to me. I don't believe him, I know him well enough to know that he's lying.

"Nashley, don't lie to me" I joke

"I'm not!" He defends

"Okay don't tell me then. I thought we are friends." I say crossing my arms on my chest and shuffling away slightly.

"Sky, don't be like this-" He starts. I roll my eyes.

"Listen up people" I say standing up "Stop telling me not to 'be like this' because newsflash- this is how I am. If you don't like it then you know where the door is."

"Sky, I didnt mean it like that" Nash sounds hurt

"Sure" I counter

"None of us ever say that to hurt you" Aaron speaks up

"But you all say it so maybe there's a deeper meaning. Ever thought of that Aaron?" I snap. I look at the time. 11.57pm. Where the hell did that time go? "I'm going to sleep" I state. No one says anything as I crawl under the bedsheets and start to drift off into a deep sleep.


I'm woken a few minutes later by someone vigorously shaking me.

"What?" I snap. There's a few seconds of silence before I actually look up.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone screams reluctantly. It's now 12am- September 3rd. My 16th Birthday.

"Thanks guys" I smile appreciatively. Suddenly a pile of birthday cards are thrown on top of me. I groan and open each card one by one. There's cards from each of the boys- as well as Mahogany, Jacob, Sam and Dillon who don't even know me that well but were still kind enough to send a card, the Griers and the Caniffs. There's also the usual expected cards- Mum and Jaimee, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles back in England. I open the last card to find it's from Marty and Turquoise- the girls I met at magcon- the ones who had fanpages for me. How did they even get my address?

"I found it in my PO Box" Taylor declares, reading my mind. "There's hundred more there!"

"I didn't even think to look in mine! Of course there will be some in there. Sorry Sky" Nash appologises.

"Don't appologise, I never thought that people who didn't even know me would send me birthday cards!" I say startled

"You have fans now! Look at your twitter" Cameron says handing me my phone. I scroll through my mentions. It's only 12:04am- 4 minutes into my birthday and already I have thousands of happy birthday tweets. I look up to see everyone also on their phones. I get surge of notifications telling me the boys have tweeted (fangirl at heart remember?). I smile when I see they've started a hashtag '#Happy16thSkylar' and it's already gone as a worldwide trend. I retweet each of the boy's tweets and favourite a few of the other tweets I see, following those people as well.

"Wow, thank you everyone" I say, I really mean it. This birthday is already better than I'd thought.

"We have to get started early tomorrow so let's get some sleep" Taylor says, taking charge. "Sky, dress nice but comfortable." That's all I hear before my head hits the pillow and I'm out like a light.

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